Tuesday, January 22, 2008


What? Huh? Are you telling me it's actually been 2 weeks since I posted here? Huh. Go figure.

I've been busy! It's kind of amazing, really, but I have been really busy, and actually getting out of the house, sometimes even without children! The play is really keeping me hopping, and I love it. I've met some very cool people (yes, there is such a thing as cool people, even in rural Saskatchewan) through the dinner theatre, and I really enjoy socializing with them as well as working on the play. Just this Saturday we had a drama workshop which was fantastic. Carrie from Free My Muse Theatre in Yorkton came out and spent the whole day with us. It was long, and by time I got home I was exhausted, but it was really fun. We worked on our production a little bit, but much of what we did was vocalization and improv. Carrie was fabulous, and at the end of the day she made me a little weepy. It also brought those of us who were able to make it a lot closer together.

Mary is still skating, and doing amazingly well! It's like she decided that with a new year comes new skills (did she level up? It's entirely possible) and she skates like a champ now. The rink is another place to get out and socialize for me, and for Mary too. We often stay a little while after her lesson so she can run around like a maniac with the other kids, and I can drink some tea and chat with my friends (I have friends!).

Back to the theatre group...we rehearse three times a week, and it's really nice to get out. I've brought Mary and Frances to a couple of our Sunday rehearsals when Ian is working, and everyone is very supportive and helpful with the girls. It doesn't help much that Frances hates people, of course, but we manage. Speaking of Frances, I just can't get over how very different she is from Mary. At this age Mary loved everyone, and was more than happy to abandon Ian and I just to socialize with a random stranger on the street. Frances however shrieks if anyone strange even looks at her, and unfortunately her opinion of strange includes my poor father and occasionally Ian. I suppose it has a lot to do with our lives when they were young. We started taking Mary to Boston Pizza every Thursday night when she was 4 weeks old, so she got used to being passed around from person to person at a young age. Frances is a real Mummy's girl though, and she isn't really happy unless I'm holding her, or at least within sight of her.

The weather here has been brutal. Living a block away from the bald prairie does not make life easy. The other day we had a wind chill warning and that wind just whips up our street. It was minus 45 at one point. Brrr.

Anyways, that's it for an update...I'm keeping busy, making friends and getting happier. I still miss Edmonton, but it's not on my mind as much lately. It helps that I know when my next trip to visit will be and I have something to look forward too. For those of you who read this and have responded to my post about my visit, I'll get back to you, I promise, I'm just having some email issues right now.


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