Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Play

It went fantastically! I can't believe how fun it was, and even though there was a couple of missed lines, it went better than ever! Why on earth haven't I done this before?

I can't wait for the next performance.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Gosh, I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier.

Mary went to the Audiologist on Friday, and guess what? Her eardrums are both ruptured! I felt like a grade A mother when the tester showed me the results. How could I not know? Don't you think that having an ear drum rupture would hurt something fierce? How could I have missed it? I've gotten over most of my Bad Mother Guilt, I'm mostly glad that we know now. It likely happened quite a while ago as she also has mild to moderate conductive hearing loss. From what I gather, that means that her ear nerves work well, the message just isn't getting to them due to the buggered ear drums. It is most likely the cause of her language problems too - she just doesn't hear us properly. So, we are now waiting to her from the Ear Nose Throat doctor so we can get started on fixing the problem. Tubes for the near constant ear infections that I had no idea about, skin grafts to fix the holes in the ear drums, who knows? Hopefully we will get a rush on the appointment with the ENT, there's only 3 in the city and they are all very busy, but the family doctor has asked that Mary be seen sooner rather than later because of her language issues. In the mean time we will continue going to the speech pathologist and working on her pronunciation that way, though I'm not sure how much it'll help. I mean, if she can't hear us properly we can repeat the proper way to say a word till we're blue in the face and she still won't get it, right?

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


So, I'm in this play, right? It's the local dinner theater, and we're performing in a festival/competition too. Our first performance in front of an audience is in 6 days. SIX DAYS. And. AND. There is a person, in the play, who still, STILLLL does not know her lines. Hardly at all. At rehearsal today, she actually could not remember her characters name. She introduced herself (in CHARACTER) with another characters name. I could puke. I could just puke.

That is all.

(oh, and it's not me. I know all my lines.)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mostly Normal

Gosh, what a busy week it's been. We traded in the Taurus for a far more fuel efficient (but nowhere near as nice) vehicle. A KIA something-or-other. It makes it much easier for Ian to get to and from work, we aren't spending over fifty bucks on gas every couple of days. I've driven it a couple of times and it's okay, I suppose, though it does feel awfully low and rattly on the highway.

Thursday past we went in to the city for a fun day full of specialist appointments for the kids. Mary saw the Speech pathologist first, and it went quite well. She had fun, the SLP girl was very nice (and from Milestone too, no less). She agreed that Mary will need follow up appointments, even though she knows a great deal of words and is able to make all the sounds that she ought to at this age, she's just not consistent with the pronunciation. After Mary was all done we grabbed a quick lunch and headed off to the pediatric outpatient department for Frances' appointment with a physical therapist. I don't remember if I've mentioned this earlier (I probably have) but Frances just won't sit. She rolls, she stands with support, she gets up on her hands and knees and is very close to crawling, but she doesn't sit. I am of the opinion that she just doesn't want too, but the pediatrician was a little concerned, so off to the physical therapist we went. Frances was amazingly cheery for a girl who missed her nap and doesn't like strangers. The physical therapist LOVED her and said that while Frances doesn't need to come back, I could bring her back if I really wanted. I gather she's not used to happy babies in her fun little room, apparently preemies are a whole different breed of baby when it comes to social interaction. Anyways, the general consensus was that Frances is just fine, she just doesn't like to sit, thus she doesn't get to exercise the muscles necessary to sit well. The therapist also thought that Frances was a little slow realizing that she was falling and by time she figured it out, she was already flat out.

Oh! And I saw the Dr. about my blood tests yesterday. I'm not diabetic. I'm just fine. Except for the fact that my cholesterol levels are very high for my age. Huh? Is that the residue from living in the city and eating all sorts of take out and crap? Cause I'll have you know that I have been trying very hard to eat healthier since we moved here. It's not difficult what with the lack of McDonalds in a 50 Kilometre radius. So, I'm not really sure where to go from here. The Dr. said healthy eating and exercise. Exercise, which is far easier said than done when one has two wee people and it's minus fricken thirty degrees outside. Not to mention the fact that I despise exercise with a white hot passion. I guess I'll have to figure something out though, maybe find a decent exercise DVD at the library? I don't really know.

This week Mary is off to see the SLP again on Thursday and she's getting her hearing checked on Friday. We have lots of rehearsals for the stupid play as our first performance in front of an audience is on the 18th (ACK!). This week is the final week for skating as well, which makes it a very busy week. Tomorrow is the dress rehearsal for "Carnival," which is a sort of party/show that the skating club puts on. It's going to be a long night at the rink followed by a long night on stage rehearsing. Friday is the actual Carnival, and it doesn't start till 7:30 - which is Mary's bed time. Should be interesting. Saturday is games at the rink followed by a supper for which I need to cook an angel food cake. I was going to do it from scratch but the recipe calls for 12 egg whites, and what the hell am I supposed to do with 12 egg yolks anyways?? So I got a boxed mix, I'm ashamed to admit. The weekend culminates with a cabaret for all the grown up folks Saturday night. Mary and Frances are spending the night with my Dad in Regina so Ian and I can imbibe and celebrate being adults without worrying about having to get up bright and early in the morning. Of course I have rehearsal and cast photographs Sunday morning anyways. Sigh.