Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Alphabet Song

Me: Mary, why don't you sing the Alphabet Song?

Mary (musically): A, B, A, B, A, C, U, Something (she actually said "something"), A, (mumbles), U, V, Mary, Frances, Twinkle, Twinkle, Prubble, Monster, P, R, Alphabet, Whale, 2, 3, 1, A, B, ZED!

Me: ...

Mary got a harmonica as a party favor from her friends birthday party. We have become a musical house. She stole an empty plastic container, a wooden spoon and a rattle and along with the harmonica, she puts on shows for me. She's a multitalented girl, her shows include all her musical instruments as well as singing and dancing....and she always bows and says "thank you, thank you" when the show is over.

Of course between tantrums and just general whining it seems I rarely get to see that side of her...

I'm off to the doctor tomorrow for an interesting appointment. I have all but convinced myself (thank you internets!) that I am diabetic, now I just need the doctor to confirm the sad facts. Mary will be spending the day with the local babysitter lady, which should be interesting for both her and me. Frances will come with me to the doctor and mall, It will be nice for me to spend some time alone with the younger child for once.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Why She's Not In A Snowbank

How on earth can I stay angry?

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Three is kicking my ass. I hate three. I would like two back now please. How can a child change so much in a month? Was she always like this, or has something changed overnight? She's crabby, contrary, bossy, and occasionally downright mean. I ask her if she wants something and without fail she says no, until I put it away or stop asking or just say fine. Then she wants it. She needs it. She shrieks for it. No matter what I suggest, no matter what I do, it's wrong. I am often told to "Go away!" I still see glimpses of my sweet girl, giving me cuddles, playing with Frances, begging me for kisses....but it's happening less and less often. Please, tell me it gets better. Please tell me my only hope isn't to wring her neck and run away to Guatemala. Please?


Friday, February 08, 2008


Yes, I have been neglecting this blog. In fact, I would be surprised if anyone actually reads it anymore. I don't know why, but lately I just can't be bothered. Everything in my life is pretty much same-old same-old, you know? Let's see. Since my last update I have... rehearsed for the play, taken Mary skating, fed children, cooked meals, baked bread, listened to the radio, changed diapers, given baths, done laundry. How exciting is that? We've had some seriously crummy weather, and it looks like we will be getting more real soon. I think I made it to the city once or twice. Ian had a wisdom tooth pulled. Ian works far too much and is rarely home these days. We are getting rid of most of the channels we get on TV which cuts our bill more than in half. We are trying to find a car that is better on gas for Ian to commute to work in that doesn't require us to give anything more than the Taurus, we can't afford to pay for a car.

Mary still isn't potty trained. I'm still waiting to hear from the Speech and Language people - at this rate Mary'll be 12 before we see someone. Mary is mostly delightful and fun to have around. She's such an incredibly loving and imaginative child, it really amazes me sometimes that I had a hand in getting her to a point where she is able to express her personality so well. Last night she had a 2 hour tantrum (not so delightful and fun) before bed that had me weeping with murderous rage mixed with sickening guilt.

Frances is getting bigger and cuter all the time. She's cheerful and sweet, and because I've been dragging her to the rink and to many of the rehearsals she is getting better with strangers. She still isn't terribly fond of old men though, which is a pity because there are lots of them in this town and they all adore her. She still doesn't sleep through the night. She is more and more mobile now - she doesn't crawl yet but she rolls around the house like a champ.

The cats are good. The outdoor cats that I feed survived the -52 degree weather.

I've been sick for about a month, I'm almost constantly nauseous which isn't much fun. No, I am not pregnant again, thank Christ. The news has had me in a state of almost constant outrage, what with babies freezing to death in their diapers and t-shirts, a young Canadian child soldier being tried for the murder of an American soldier in Afghanistan and the Canadian government doing it's best to ignore the whole thing, people fighting endangered designation for Polar Bears because it will prevent American trophy hunters from spending their money in the Canadian north, and once again hearing how I am poisoning my children because I give them formula rather than breast milk. The play is going well, we are working on the second act now which I am finding much easier to commit to memory for some reason. I am giddy with anticipation for the end of March when we perform at the competition in North Battleford....Though I am more excited about my trip to Edmonton afterwards than anything else.