Friday, May 30, 2008

On and On

Frances is still sick. Still. It's now been three weeks since she first got ill, and there is no sign of it getting better any time soon. I spent my day yesterday trying to get advice from some sort of medical professional. I know exactly what the doctor will say if I bring her in - she's got a virus, nothing they can do, these are the signs of dehydration, if she shows any of them bring her back. I KNOW all this. What I want is for someone to tell me how long is it safe to give her gravol so she doesn't barf all over everything (which she does if she doesn't get gravol twice a day)? How long can I give her pedialyte? What can I do for the brutal diaper rash? How long can I expect this to continue? What the HELL? How long does this have to go on before we are concerned about more than just dehydration? WHAT THE HELL? How do I keep sane when my days are filled with diarrhea all over everything, miserable sobbing baby, more diarrhea, vomit, and more misery? HOW DO I STOP FROM LOOSING MY MIND??? Ahem. But no one will tell me anything other than take her to the doctor. I am unwilling to spend the obscene amount of money it now takes to put gas in the van to take Frances to a doctor who will just tell me what I already know. Why can no one help me? I spend my days vacillating between tears and rage, with a little despair thrown in just to make things fun.

Anyways. A friend is coming down from Saskatoon tomorrow, and I was supposed to meet him at another persons house who I don't know but would really like to know. Unfortunately I can't now. I am doomed to a friendless, diarrhea filled small town life. Loneliness, sick children and Ian will be my only companions. I feel sorry for myself, can you tell?


greypanther said...

Hugs! I feel like that too today. I hope things get better.

Lady Myke :)

Anonymous said...

You're her mom. You know when something's wrong. If you think that it's more than a virus, then fight like hell for bloodwork, take her to another doctor, go to the ER, do what YOU think is the thing to do. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Hugs and kisses to all of you.

(it's Shani BTW, but my blogger name lists me as Veronica, from a game blog I wrote)

Goody said...

Three weeks is kind of a long time for a virus to be that active. Sure, some will hang around for weeks, but the stomach stuff really ought to be getting better. Did Mary end up getting it? If so, is she over it?

I'd drag her off to the doctor anyway and phooey to anyone that thinks you're overreacting.

And tell them I said phooey as well.

Goody said...

I forgot, for the diaper rash:

Stop using wipes if you haven't already. Switch to rags/cloths wetted with plain water. You'll have extra laundry, but it is worth it.

If the rash is sore, but not bleeding, make a mixture of 50% cold cream and 50% Maalox (the regular liquid kind). Make a paste and slather it on. The antacid keeps the urine from stinging when it splashes in the diaper.

If the rash is bleeding:

buy a tube of plain zinc oxide. The generic ones are usually best (or store brand) because they don't have a bunch of other aloe, or mineral oil additions in it. Use it every time you change a diaper (which should be much more often now).

For the bath-Cetaphyl (or generic equivalent). You'll need to do a quick dip of her bottom in the tub (or sink) every night to keep it extra clean while the rash is active.

I learned all of the above after spending hundreds of dollars on Rx ointments, antibiotics and the like before we made a very expensive (again, in the hundreds of dollars) visit to a paediatric dermatologist who sneered at us and suggested zinc oxide and clear water. It worked though.

Gah, diaper rash-I'd nearly forgotten how persistent it can be.

Good luck.

Stephanie said...

I think it's time to put your foot down with the doctor there and demand that something be done. Three weeks for a virus is NOT normal. If all they do is say,"she has a virus" stop them and ask them how LONG it is reasonable to expect it to last. Ask them how long she can reasonably be on gravol and pedialyte. You just need to stand up and demand a certain level of service form your doctor.

You might want to start trying herbal things as well, if you aren't against that sort of thing. I have heard great things about Oil of Oregano for dealing with viruses and that sort of thing. If you have some time in between the mess, do some research and see if you can take Francis' health into your own hands.

Anyways, I send you much love and sympathy. I hope you have better luck with your next doctor visit.

cenobyte said...

Even though it's cleared up now (and I'm very glad you were able to bring your girls out to Chez Relaxo in the beautiful Qu'Appelle Valley; they're lovely and sweet), Pedialyte is simply water with electrolytes and minerals in. It's perfectly safe to give Wee Ones Pedialyte for an extended period of time.

Gravol, I'm not so sure about.

Also, with diaper rash, sunlight is good, as is cornstarch. Scented products are horrid, so any baby powder shouldn't be used. Keeping her diaper off as much as possible will help too, of course, or using cloth diapers so you can tell immediately when she's wet.

I hope the barfiness and diaherrearama is all finished now.

Sometimes stomach viruses cause symptoms that last a very, very long time. Particularly in wee ones. Once the delicate balance of good enzymes and bacteria is upset in the gut, it can take a very long time for it to re-establish. Having her eat unsweetened, plain yogurt will help resettle her stomach, and will help the good bacteria in her gut come back to help her digestion.

And, when everything's going squirrelly, call us...come over...we can hang out!