Saturday, November 15, 2008

Politics and Love

So, when it comes to Canadian politics, most of the players are...well...boring and old. It's no surprise to me that most Canadians paid more attention to the American elections than to our own. There's not a lot of charisma in Ottawa. Anyways, one politician that I have always loved is Justin Trudeau, the son of Pierre Trudeau - the closest thing Canada has ever had to a political Rock Star. I don't know much about Justin, save that he is super cute, extremely charismatic, and he lives in Quebec. Also, if my dreams lately have any truth to them, he is amazing in the sack. For the last week I have been fornicating in my sleep with Justin in all sorts of exciting ways that I won't go in too here. He has my vote.

(Better Justin Trudeau than Brad Wall, eh?)


Goody said...

Speaking of rock stars...wasn't his mother sleeping with a few?

Sometimes I really have to laugh at the generation gap because I remember thinking the old man was kind of hot way back when.

Jaime said...

I read your comment on the Baby on Board page (after mine) and I just had to write to you! I just felt instantly connected to you after reading what you wrote, I don't think of myself as weird for my little "habits" but I never would have guessed that anyone else did things like what I do. I loved reading your comment, thanks for sharing :)