Wednesday, December 31, 2008


She's four years old today. My table is covered in Princess gift bags, Princess wrapping paper, Princess clothes, Princess shoes, Princess movies. She keeps saying "It's wonderful, Mummy! Just wonderful! It's gorgeous!"

What happened to the baby, or the toddler? Where have the last four years gone?

Also, I just finished making a Black Forest Cake for Mary's birthday, and it looks not half bad.

When did we get from this:

To this?


Goody said...

Happy Birthday Mary!

(awww, now I'm gettin' all teary-eyed -n-stuff thinkin' about how fast it goes).

Goody said...

Oh, the word verification just gave me "hempress."

I think that could be a new Disney princess.

Kali said...

I miss the magnificent bald melon of Mary.

Happy belated birthday, kid!