Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I spent the night at Cenobyte's place, and when I woke up this morning I had a terrible headache and pink hair. See?

Really the pictures don't do the level of pink justice. The light in here is pretty awful. You'll have to take my word when I say that against the white white snow, in the hair is almost blindingly pink. It's so pink, it glows.

I stopped at McDonalds for cheeseburgers to bring home to Ian and Mary as a peace offering for disappearing for a full day. The girl at the drive thru who took my order looked at me, and her eyes got wider and wider. Finally she said "That....that's some pink hair, you've got there. Didja loose a bet?" I said "Yes. Yes it is, and no, I just like pink." The girl nodded seriously and quietly, and finally, as she was handing me my change said " have just have a nice day." I'm absolutely positive that if she had been able, she would have backed slowly away from me.

Mary, however, approves of the pink hair. She keeps looking at me with this amazed, admiring expression on her face. When I ask her what she's looking at she sighs and says "Mama. Your hair is pink. SO pink." I have a little dye left, and I may give her a couple of pink streaks of her own tonight.


Goody said...

I just showed the pictures to Danny and he put both hands to his mouth and I've never heard that child giggle. Then he wanted to know if it will come out. I told him I didn't know. Please, tell me you used something semi-permanent like Manic Panic (do they still make that stuff?).Now he's going to want me to keep up and dye mine purple or something.

I really admire the fact that there is an exercise bike in the photo that isn't being used as a handbag rack like mine is. L. keeps offering to get it out of my bedroom, but then, I wouldn't have anywhere to hang stuff.

You go girl. You rockin' pink haired girl.

Jenn said...

I did use Manic Panic, but I bleached the daylights out of it first, so my hair isn't going to be normal for quite a while. Mary has requested that next time I make it blue.

As for the exercise bike...well, it's more of a jungle gym for Mary to play on than anything else. I had all sorts of resolve when we bought it, and then my resolve faded...