Sunday, June 07, 2009

Good Things

Have I mentioned to you how lucky I am? Probably not, seeing as the last time I posted here was over a month ago. Is anyone still out there?

Anyways, I am lucky because I have people. Wonderful, fantastic people. People who make me cry a little if I think too long about how wonderful they are. Because of these people we were able too, in the last month:

1. Survive
2. Pay our bills
3. Pay our outstanding property tax bill
4. Buy groceries
5. Buy Mary a new bike
6. Breathe easy and smile every once in a while.

When I went to Edmonton I knew something was in the works. I knew that the wonderful people that we left behind had planned to give us something. The magnitude of what they did for us still leaves me speechless, even today. To know that we have friends like that, people that we see maybe once a year who care that deeply for us...well, it really means more than anything. They were there for us, they helped us, and they made it easy to accept their help (which is a big thing for prideful mooks like us).

So, if you are one of those people, thank you. If you know one of these people, thank them for me.

More has gone on in the last month that I need to tell you, but for now, I've gotta get dressed for work.


Mary said...

we loooooove you!

Emmett said...

I'm glad the care package helped. Lots of love from Edmonton!

Raven said...

Still out here - just a little behind on weblogs (both posting and reading)

I am glad this month has been better.
Would love to hear about this job of yours, and what else has been going on in your life.

I bet the kids are both growing like weeeeeeds.

Izabella said...

I'm so happy to read that things are looking up for you, I worry about you and love you guys.

You inspire good things, because you're good people.