Friday, August 03, 2007

Lots of Pictures

We got our house today! We picked up the keys this morning and wandered through. It needs a lot more work than I remember, but I still love it, and I can't wait to get into it for good. Here are some pictures. Once we have everything looking the way we want it, I imagine there will be more pictures.

This is the view of the front of the house:

Here's the living room. The whole place needs painting pretty badly. We are going to leave the kitchen and dining room as is, and the basement is okay, but the living room, hallway and all the bedrooms need desperately to be painted.

Here's the beautiful kitchen. We are going to change the hardware on the cupboards, but other than that I think it'll be left pretty much alone.

Here's Mary and Poppa Larry (my Mums husband) officially welcoming us to Milestone. My Mum and Larry are visiting from Abbotsford B.C., and we are very glad that they can see where we will be living now.

Yesterday, after a long day with Mum and Larry.


Kristeen said...

The house looks nice. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Wow Jenn!

Paint aside is looks like you have tons more space to raise those girls in.

LOVE the kitchen!

Had to giggle at the picture of Mary sitting beside what could have been Sophie. We even had that receiving blanket.

Ben will have none of it. In fact if we want to wake him up we swaddle him and he's up in seconds fighting with all his might.



JSM said...

Forget new hardware in the kitchen, what it really needs is some tile...I'm thinking something greenish-blue...wait, I know, teal!

Have I mentioned how beautiful your kids are?