Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Move

I know, I'm a lollyblogger. It's not going to get any better this week, but maybe, just maybe next week I will sit down and post something meaningful with lots of words. We are moving tomorrow. Finally, we will be in the house.

Look! Pictures!

Here is our bedroom after we painted the walls. It used to have pink and white stripes, and now it's a beautiful soft green colour.

Here is Mary's room, almost finished. I must say that whoever came up with the idea to paint trim should be put in jail for a long long time. It turned out okay, I'm not a professional painter, but it's nice.

Frances's room after being painted. It used to have dark blue and white stripes, with a burgandy border and words like "touchdown," written around the top. Ick. Now it's a beautiful brown, but it's not quite finished. Ian thinks it's too sophisticated for a little girl, but I love it, and I'm going to add some fun bright colours. One wall is going to feature the wonderful quilt that Goody made for Frances.

Frances chilling on the new couch.

The faux fireplace in the basement. It seems that I am cursed to live in houses with the most god awful ugly fireplaces. The things the people we bought the house from did to that basement area is criminal, including painting over beautiful dark wood beams across the ceiling.

Here is the "playroom." It is an unfinished area of the basement that they panted the cement walls in. It needs a ceiling and something on the floor, but I think it'll be a good spot to keep all the toys.

Here is our little maritimer. I was given this Sou'wester at our wedding reception in Dartmouth. Mary found it today and spent a good part of the afternoon wearing it.

Mary and Frances. It never ceases to amaze me what a wonderful, loving sister Mary is. Frances absolutely adores her, and Mary loves to take care of the baby. Frances is wearing a diaper shirt embroidered by Goody, it says "I'm the baby," just so I don't forget. :)

Frances flaked out on the couch, and Mary gave her the flower.

Rock star Mary on our new deck. Unfortunately those glasses broke later in the day.


Raven said...

Cuuuute kids!
Thanks for the pics. I've been wondering how you guys were doing. The new place looks great - I really like the color you picked for Francis' room.

Mary said...

whoa! that's some terrifying blue fireplace.
but otherwise it looks lovely. and it looks like you have so much SPACE now. which is wonderful.

now you must find saskatchewan nerds.

Stephanie said...

Jen, you could do some lovely things with that blue fireplace, if you want to. Paint the whole thing a dark or medium gray and then dry brush light gray or white over top. It will make it look like stone instead of the horror it currently is. Otherwise, the place looks great, I love Francis' brown room...sooo soothing.

we miss you here, btw...