Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sooooooo Cute!

So, on Saturday Mary and I got our hair cut. She went first and it was very traumatic for all involved, especially the poor young thing who was trying to give Mary a fashionable cut. The girl kept trying to cut it "properly" rather than just snipping straight and quick, and Mary kept screaming, bawling and shoving the scissors and comb away. It was eventually accomplished and all the hair that kept falling in Mary's face has been transformed into incredibly cute, thick bangs. When I was getting my hair cut Ian, Frances and Mary wandered around the mall. They came back just as the girl was finishing up and Mary came right up to me, her beautiful blue eyes wide with amazement, and she said "Mummy! Oh, Mummy is SOOOO CUTE!!" It was so adorable I could have puked. Unfortunately the haircut is so bad that it is taking all my willpower not to take Ian's razor and shave all my hair off to start again. Ugh.


Stephanie said...

Take a picture and let us decide if your haircut is bad...or if you are perhaps being oversensitive.

As an aside on the whole depression thing, if you haven't got a minister, what about finding a "Mommy and Me" class or something similar so you can meet some people out there. Not that should limit yourself to other Moms but at least they might be able to relate to your woes. Check out your local community center and see if there is anything that can get you out of the house with the girls.

In the meantime... a dozen hugs to tide you over till next week.

hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug....and one more for spare. HUG!!!!!

Goody said...

You might have luck with Mamasource.com

I didn't, but then I wasn't too keen on driving two and a half hours for a play date at the mall food court. Unfortunately, Nebraskans just don't want to arrange play dates at the Leftist bookshop, or the comic book store-I really don't know what the hell's wrong with these people.

I'm not sure if they have Canadian groups, but it's worth a look.

God, I wish I could just drag you out for a couple beers.