Saturday, May 28, 2005


I am turning into a terrible lollyblogger. I havnt really got an excuse, it's not like Im amazingly busy or anything, I spend much of my day hanging around the house with Mary, and although she can be quite demanding, I do have alot of spare time.

Purgatory was last night. Wow. I havnt had that much fun at a game since before my last character, Bridget Kierson ran away. My character was embraced as a child, so although I cannot be 4 feet tall, I did my best to look childlike. Except for the alarming cleavage that I had on display, I think it went pretty well. Looking at adorable little me, one can hardly believe that I am a raving sociopath. I ended up being handed over to the Tremere (boo hiss) as a punishment for a crime that I did not commit, and it was great fun being as horiffically evil and machiavellian as I possibly could be.

Back to the real world. The last couple of weeks have been, well, routine. What can I report on? Mary is teething, and she goes through periods of inconsolable screaming. Luckily, these periods seem to be far between, and really the only sign that anything is going on is the amazing amounts of slobber she produces. For a little creature, she has a LOT of drool. Other than that she has been pretty good. She has graduated to the next diaper size. After reading Dooce's recent entry on her blog about diaper catastrophies, Ive been a little worried. Mary is also right at the top weight for size 2's, and the very bottom for 3's. So far so good, though, we havnt had any exploding diapers yet.

I got to see the Queen last week, which was fan-frickin-tastic! Me, my friend who does not wish to be named in any blogs, and Trish's little girl Madi braved the rain and wind to go to Commonwealth to see her. It was worth the wet and cold, to be sure. The program was terrible, most of the entertainment had backed out because of the weather. When the honour guard and band came marching out though, it was so exciting. Then the Queen finally appeared (a little late due to the weather conditions). I nearly cried, but I managed to keep it in, I didnt want little Madi to laugh at me. It really was an amazing experience. When we all sang "God Save the Queen," and she was standing Also, there was a massed pipe and drum band there, gosh I love bagpipes. Maybe I should take it up?

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Anne R. Key said...

Do you know how hard it is to play even the chanter of a bagpipe? YOu can seriously pop a blood vessel or bust a lung. It's nuts.