Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Constipation is genetic.

Some of you may not know this, but I am a chronically constipated person. I know, given my sweet nature, it is hard to believe, but entirely true. I wont go into details, but after I gave birth to Mary, I didn't poo for a full 7 days. Yup, no poo for a week. I must say, pooing after that week was up was probably the most painful experience in my life, including labour and childbirth. For those of you who read Dooce, no, it was not in the bathtub, and no, even if it had been, I seriously doubt Ian would clean it up for me. Anyways, it would seem that my daughter has inherited my bowels. It's too bad, I had hoped that she would inherit Ian's metabolism, and his clockwork regular poo schedule, but no such luck. I can still hope for the metabolism thing, I guess. We switched her formula two days ago to a special one designed for babies who spit up a lot. Needless to say, the formula sucks, it keeps clogging the nipples, and causing endless amounts of frustration for all of us. It has also clogged the baby right up. She just spent the last 45(!!!) minutes getting red in the face and grunting like crazy. When I changed her diaper, there was a large, egg shaped, rock hard offering waiting for me. Poor baby. Ian is working late tonight too, I would have liked to have shown him, just to prove that I'm not exaggerating. Tonight, she will drink applejuice, and I don't think we will wait till the tub of fancy formula is finished before we switch her back to the old stuff.


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Anonymous said...

You people and your defecation....

Will I have to resort to a collection, very nicely preserved for the entire world to see of you poo?

"Exhibit 1 - Fine assortment of peas and beer. Lower bowel predominates.

Exhibit 2 - Med. Consistency from upper bowel. High grain and vegetable diet.

Exhibit 3 - Specimen A through F follows human from infancy to elder age. Note color, texture and aroma."

Next Month - Pancreas and the nasal Cavity.

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Starlin' said...

If she's constipated, avoid formula with iron- either altogether, or mix the two sorts if you're actually worried about her iron intake. From what I recall, though, their iron stores can uaually see them through till they start rice cereal, which is fortified anyway.

~ Star