Monday, October 02, 2006

Cats and Gods

Ah, the struggles of napping time...will they ever end? If this past weekend is any indication then I have serious doubts.

Saturday was a rough day for Mary. We had Purgatory Friday night, and didn't pick her up until close to 3 AM. Of course she woke up when we packed her into the car, and she grinned and chatted with us the whole way home from Sherwood Park. She slept in some on Saturday, but refused to nap. We were going to go over to a friends place to hang out with a group and watch movies, but after a long and miserable day, Mary passed out in her fathers arms at 5:30. We decided to stay in. Sunday was much of the same. Yelling and misery all day, no nap, and an early bedtime. So far today she has been relatively cheerful, but she is currently in her bedroom, supposedly napping. What she is doing instead is knocking on her bedroom door and saying "Hi! Hi! Mummy? DADDY! Hi! (mumblemumblemumble) Hi! Mummy? CAT! CAT!! GOD! nose. ow. uh oh. uh oh. UH OH! HI! GOD! spoon. (mumblemumblemumble) Ha! HA! uh oh. No. No. NO! Mummy? nononono. DADDY! wow. wheeeeee. Cat. GOD!" She's been doing that running monologue for the last hour and a half now. I'm begining to think that naptime is once again a bust today.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Jenn sounds like Mary has decided nap time is no longer viable. I just put the kids to bed earlier when they got to that stage. I don't know if this will help, but it might be quiet time(hahaha) in her room for the hour and half might do you some good.

Lady Myke

Super Janet said...

My son decided he was done with nap time at an early age. I however, needed nap time very much, such is life with an ADHD child.

I remember holding his door closed while he screamed and kicked at it until finally he fell down exhausted (which usually took 30 minutes). I do not reccomend this approach!

He still needed the nap, but he just didn't want to do it. Putting him to bed early worked much better. It was certainly less exhausting for the two of us that way.

As long as Mary is quiet and not destructive, just leave her there. Whether she sleeps or not is inmaterial. Down time, a.k.a. quite time, for the both of you is a more important requirement.

It makes it harder to do things in the evening, like visit friends, but try putting her to bed earlier if she doesn't nap.

It's hard to know what to do in situations like this, but I'm sure you and Ian will figure out the best approach for your household.

Anne R. Key said...

Of course, I'm all fro horse tranquilzers, but that's why I'm not a parent.