Sunday, May 06, 2007


Well, tomorrow is the big day. Mary and I are moving to Regina, never to return (at least not till after the baby is born anyways). It's pretty stressful and exciting all at once. I love Edmonton so much, I really hate to leave. If there was any way we could make it here without being constantly in debt, there's no way you could drag me out of this place, but unfortunately, that's not the case.

Last night was my last Paradise Lost game, and it was quite fantastic. I got my character killed after killing one of the bad guys that had been stringing me along for over a year. I was pleased with the way things went, and I can't imagine my character being happier than she was when they finally decided to kill her. She's been trying to die for an awfully long time now.

After the game I didn't go out, as much as I wanted too. I'm exhausted right now, and all three of us are dealing with a brutal cold. I have to say that I find it a wee bit ridiculous that while I was in the hospital they were able to pump me full of Demerol every 3 hours, but now that I have a bad chest/sinus cold, I can't even take Neo-Citrin. Anyways, I got to say goodbye to a good number of my friends this weekend, and amazingly, I've not broken down in tears yet, though last night was awfully close. I'm not sure when I am going to cry, though I'm sure I will. I suspect it won't really happen till tomorrow night, things still don't feel real.

With the sickness in the house, we haven't gotten a lot of packing accomplished. Poor Ian has a whole lot to do in the next week. I hope he manages to get things done. I'm certain he will, but I imagine it will be an awfully miserable week for him. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day for him too. No one trusts me to do the drive on my own...well, to be fair, no one trusts my body which seems to be going out of its way to betray me on a regular basis. Anyways, no one wants me to drive on my own, so the plan is for Ian to drive Mary and me to Saskatoon and hop on a bus home. My dad is taking a bus to S'toon and will drive the rest of the way to Regina with us. It really seems kind of silly to me, but then I remember how the pain of my idiotic pancreas, and I'm awfully glad that I won't be all by my self.

So, as of tomorrow I don't know how often I'll be able to post here, at least till we get settled in the apartment in a week or two. Dad has a computer, but his internet connection is spotty at best, and he lives with two of Michael's kids right now, but I'll try to get on at least once or twice. Take care of yourselves, and wish us luck, life is changing at a pace that's awfully hard to keep up with right now!

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