Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Hello

Hi there everyone!

Mary and I made it to Regina without any major incidents. We are slowly wearing out our welcome at my dads place, luckily Ian will be along with all our stuff on Sunday, and we are moving into the appartment on Monday. We will be looking hard to find a house as the appartment is even worse than I expected it too be...small and in the basement and not terribly well maintained. It will definately do the job of giving us the drive to find a nice house quickly.

The baby in my belly is still driving me crazy, I'm starting to think that she will pop out long before her due date, which is perfectly okay with me. She's huge, and heavy, and puts so much pressure on my pelvis that I have a hard time walking up and down stairs. My cold is still driving me bonkers, now it has moved to my sinuses. Sigh. Some day I will be healthy again, I'm sure of it.

Hope you're all doing well, I miss everyone in Edmonton already.


greypanther said...

We miss you too!

By the way I hope you don't mind but we are blaming all the problems we have been having in Ladies of Hack on your character. After all she(he) was the one who gave us the Beta test address, right? Teehee.

Still I wish you could come and play, but.... I hope everything goes well for you. :D Here's hoping for the best and I am sure you will find a house soon!

Shani said...

Miss you, hope you're doing well, see you in June!

Cori said...

We miss you too! I'm glad you got there safe and sound.