Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Hello again.

Well, I'm doing better every day, just so you know. I am however getting sick of my guts rebelling every time I eat something other than rice, white toast or chicken noodle soup. After a week of only being allowed to eat clear liquids, my stomach has decided to be lazy. Slowly but surely though, things are getting better. I went to the doctor on Monday, and he told me that he thinks I will be fine. His nurse was alarmed that I had lost 10 lbs in less than a week, but that's what being in the hospital will do to you. Pancreatitis is not a diet I would recommend. I did ask the doctor if there was anything I could do to avoid another attack, and he laughed and told me no, no there wasn't. They have no idea why it happened in the first place, I'm not an alcoholic, not a drug addict, and my gall bladder looks fine, so they call it "idiopathic" and shrug their shoulders. I live in fear of being in pain like that again though.

Mary managed to get sick while I was in the hospital. Ian took wonderful care of her, but her routine was all messed up and she didn't sleep too well, and now we are paying for it. ugh.

Only a few days left till I leave Edmonton for good. The thought makes my already sensitive stomach roll like crazy. All of a sudden we have so much stuff to do and so many people that I want to see and say goodbye too, and we just don't have the time. The week in the hospital really messed up our timeframe, those days just disappeared. I keep thinking that I still have over a week, and then I realize that it's this coming monday that I leave. I hope we get a chance to see everyone that I want to see before leaving, but I'm starting to think that I won't. We are going to a combo farewell us/happy birthday someone else party on Friday, and I'm already working on not bawling when it's time to go.

Oh, last night I had a messed up dream. I dreamed that a big group of my friends and I were at this place, in this city...I don't know which city it was, and we were role-playing. But the lines between real life and our characters were very blurred. I was a robot, and our friend, Rico, had fallen in love with me/my character. Rico had also gotten one of our other friends, D, the girlfriend of another frequent star in my dirty dreams, pregnant. Everyone was all pounded out of shape about it, and any time they mentioned it to Rico he would laugh and say "my character isn't here right now" and just ignore them. It was very odd, and unfortunately not at all naughty.


greypanther said...

You realize we are going to miss you right! Fond wishes and I hope things get better for you soon.

James said...


Is it just me, or is that medical latin for "Stupid disease"


We'll keep in touch; good luck with the move!


Mary said...

dont' forget to keep updating your blog. I do check it all the time. :)

see you tonight!