Saturday, April 28, 2007

What Next?

Really, I probably shouldn't utter those words.

It's been a while, would you like to know how my week went?

On Monday I had an appointment with my obstetrician, just a regular check-up. I mentioned my incredibly painful tailbone, he laughed, told me that perhaps I should stay off stairs, and gave me a prescription for Tylenol-3's. Then I went and hung out with Nadine and the babies, before watching her kids while she went out for a little while. When she got back I started to get a bit of a stomach ache, so I took Mary and headed home. At first I thought I was hungry, but by time I got home I knew it was something else. I got Mary set up in front of the TV, and curled up on the bed. The pain got worse and worse until I was in tears. I called Ian, begged him to come home right away, and crawled to the bathroom, where I curled up on the floor and howled (quite literally) in pain. Mary came over to me from time to time looking very worried and said "Mumma? okay Mumma?" I couldn't even reassure her, I just begged for help. Thats how Ian found me when he got home.

Ian managed to get me up off the floor and into the van, and we made a quick dash to the hospital, me yelling the whole way and begging for my mother. You know it's bad when a thirty year old woman is crying for her Mummy. When we got to the hospital Ian got me on a stretcher and we made our way to the Labour and Delivery ward. I remember sobbing to him that I was dying, and him saying that I would be fine. I also remember telling him that I wished I was dying...It was pretty bad.

I don't remember much else, the doctor talked to me, I remember being very rude and yelling at her, I remember writing in pain, and I remember getting a shot of sweet, sweet demerol. About 20 minutes after the drugs, I fell asleep. When I woke up, the Dr. was back, and I apologized to her profusely for being so rude. She said that all my test results were back, and that they were all normal, but she was going to admit me anyways, because she thought that the tests must be wrong. About 30 minutes later she came and told me that all the tests weren't back because they had run one of them over. My lipase, a pancreatic enzyme, was coming back as being at 23,000. Normal is up to 100, high is 300. So, needless to say, there was something wrong.

The first night at the hospital was awful, the pain medications didn't work very well, I ended up begging the nurses on a regular basis for more, and once got stuck on the toilet and had to have people help me get dressed and back into bed. All in all, it was plain misery.

I just got home from the hospital this afternoon, and while I'm not 100%, I feel much, much better. I also want to let you all know that Pancreatitis, it is the most horrible thing in the world. It was more painful than anything, even giving birth, even my sore tailbone. One of the surgeons who came to see me said that pancreatic pain is the worst pain of any organ pain, and pancreatitis is the most painful thing he's ever had to treat. Nice.

Anyways, that's pretty much how my week went. How was your week?


greypanther said...

Um boring and mundane and from the sounds of it one I would prefer to yours. I am glad to hear you are doing better and hope all else goes well.

Hugs and good thoughts :)

Lady Myke.

JSM said...


Seriously, I'm going to sew you clothes made of bubble-wrap.

Mary said...

poor Dear.... oh man...
you need to stop getting injured.

And that's pretty funny coming from me.