Friday, April 13, 2007

Feel Sorry For Me

Really, this may come across as a desperate bid for pity, but it isn't. What it really is is me wallowing in enough self pity to drown a large horse.

My 30th birthday has to have been one of the worst in memory. Now, I'm not looking for expensive gifts or wild parties (though either would have been appreciated), but a little recognition from family would have been nice. I did get several emails from friends, including a cute e-birthday card (thanks Emmett!). My father had cookies from Cookies by George delivered to me, Ians Mum sent a birthday card with Mary's easter stuff last week, and we did order in pizza from Panago as a treat. That is all. Nothing from Ian at all, not even a card, he didn't once even say "Happy Birthday Jennifer." My Dad called, but my Mum and brother did not bother. I honestly don't expect a whole lot on my birthday, I would have been thrilled with a card from Ian and Mary, a phone call from my mother....oh well. So, my day was spent with a sore throat and a headache, and ended in a fight between Ian and I that sent me to bed in tears. I suppose this means that future birthdays will have very little to top in comparison to this one.

We got our lease application faxed off to the apartment building in Regina that we will be renting when we move there next month. Now we just wait for a phone call to us, and a phone call to Dad so that he can pay. We weren't going to do it quite this way, but Dad convinced us just to rent a place starting May 1st, and then we won't have to worry about a place to live when we move on the 15th, and really, he has a point. So, once again, he is forking over the cash for us. I suppose first months rent and the damage deposit is significantly less than the deposit he was prepared to pay for us on the house in Indian Head. I think that I will end up leaving Edmonton on May 8th with Mary and the van full of boxes, and Ian will follow the week later once he gets everything packed up. I have a doctors appointment in Regina on the 9th of May, and after all the effort I had to put into getting it, I don't want to mess it up by having to change it around.

Maybe today I will dress and get out of the house to enjoy the sunshine. It might make me feel better...

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JSM said...

I can relate from experience that wedding rings do not flush well.

When Lev forgot my first Mother's Day (after like, 18 years of infertility) I thought about getting a tatoo that read "He forgot Mother's Day" that he'd have to read over and over and over.

With everything going on, Ian probably did just forget, but I dunno what's up with your mum.

Anyway, as they say without the slightest hint of irony on the message boards ((((hugs)))).