Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Our New Home (we hope)

Here it is!


We placed an offer on this place yesterday before the long drive back to Edmonton, received a counter offer this morning, and are likely to accept the counter. That means that if all goes well with the house inspection, this little place will be ours as of May 4th (May the fourth be with you)! I'm a little excited. We weren't sure about this house at first, it's quite a bit smaller than what we had hoped for, and Ian didn't like it quite as much as I do (I love it), but all the other houses we saw over the weekend (except the one in Vibank) were real duds and this one really is beautiful. It's older, but there has been a tonne of work done on it. It's small, but it has a huge kitchen, nice sized bedrooms and is on a giant lot in a town that I have loved all my life. The town is a little far away from Regina, it'll be a 45 minute commute, but there is lots there, including the possibility of Ian finding work in town.

Today Mary and I are both sick, we picked up a bad cold from the step-family, so we aren't going to do much. We do have to pick up the contract for the sale of our Edmonton house, and tomorrow Ian is taking the morning off so we can go to visit the people who are buying our house and fill out the paperwork, go to the bank and chat with them, and lastly go to the lawyers and get the ball rolling. I'm awfully excited about the whole thing...I really hope that everything comes together the way it should without much dificulty.


jsm said...

Wow. That's quite a bit of house for the money.

I had to laugh that a house built in 1960 is considered "older."

The last two homes I've lived in were built in the 19th century.

That yard looks fantastic.

Emmett said...

The pictures of the house sure don't make it look as small as the square footage would indicate. Seems like a nice kitchen and bathroom, though. 45 min outside of Regina, though? Wow, you really are moving off into the boonies. Congrats on the purchase, though.

Jenn said...

You know, Emmett, the house in person also seems much larger than the square footage. We looked at houses that were over 1000 sq feet, and they seemed much smaller than this place.

It is a lot of house for what we are paying for it, I think, even if it is a bit small. And the yard is amazing. I can't wait to get out there....though I don't know if many people in Indian Head over the age of 16 play D&D.