Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Disappointment Squared

I am incredibly upset right now, and wobbling on the edge of tears. We won't be moving any time soon it would seem, at least not until July most likely. I won't go into reasons here, but we ended up having to call off the offer on the house in Indian Head.

Anyways, we'll be in Edmonton for a few more months now, which isn't really a terrible thing. More time with our friends, more time to get things arranged, and I'll be able to continue going to my Obstatritian here which is a really fantastic thing. I'm much more comfortable being with the doctor who delivered Mary and has helped me through the difficulties I've been having with this pregnancy.

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Emmett said...

That's too bad. You seemed so excited, too. But even if you move a bit later, there will still be houses out there to fall in love with, right? And you won't be trying to move while pregnant and possibly fainting -- added bonus.