Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Good day to you all!

Well, I am still reeling slightly from the news about the house. All I can think is that it's a good thing I decided to be lawful and not burn the bloody place down when it was really annoying me!

Other than thinking about the house, talking to a friend who may buy the house, looking at new houses in Saskatchewan, and talking to our real estate agent in Regina, life has been awfully quiet. I spent most of yesterday morning in bed after fainting. I managed to hit the couch this time rather than the floor, so my head didn't hurt quite as badly, but I sure felt yucky for several hours afterwards. In the afternoon Mary and I packed ourselves into the van and went to WalMart for catfood and a few crappy plastic trinkets to put in Marys easter basket. It was nice to get out of the house in spite of the horrible weather and even worse roads. When we were all done and I was loading my purchases into the car, a fellow with an incredibly thick Newfoundland accent approached me and asked for spare change. Even before I could say anything he went on, saying "I know, most people tell me to get a job, but I have one. I just got here from Newfoundland a couple of weeks ago, I haven't got my first paycheque, and even when I do, I just can't find anywhere to live." I tend to be an incredibly soft touch most of the time, I would never, ever tell someone who is asking for spare change to get a job, and I am usually happy to give over a dollar or two if I have money in my pocket. This guy, though, well, I really felt for him. His story is just so plausible right now. There are tonnes of people coming to Edmonton from all over the place because of the promise of high wages, and then when they get here housing and rental costs are so high that they can't find anywhere to live, and end up sleeping in the river valley. Anyways, I handed over about 7 dollars, for which he was immensely thankful, and told me that I had gotten him halfway to sleeping at the Salvation Army shelter and getting a hot meal, rather than spending the night in the snow beside Walmart. I really hope he got the other 8 bucks he needed, it was miserable and cold last night.

Mary has been exceptionally cute this morning....she picked up a piece of garbage that was on the floor, and I commented that it was garbage. So she wandered to the kitchen, picking up scraps of her paper that she found on the floor, and put everything in the garbage! Then she went to my little vanity thing, and picked up all the stuff that the cats had knocked off in the night and carefully put them back where they belonged! I only wish she would do those things more often, most of the time she's making the messes and then commenting on them ("oh no! A Mess!") rather than cleaning them up.

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JSM said...

Fifteen dollars for a night at the Sally is pretty outrageous. I mean, it's outrageous that they charge destitute people (who could be saving-up for actual rent)at all, given that SA (at least in the US)collects massive amounts of funding and assistence.

And those shelters are dangerous.