Thursday, April 05, 2007


Wow, is it Thursday already? I guess it must be. This weekend is Easter weekend, and next week I turn 30. I really can't believe how quickly time is zipping by. Sometimes I look at Mary and wonder when she turned from a chubby, toothlessly grinning baby to this energetic, beautiful, bossy little girl that is sitting on my couch.

Thanks for the advice on finding a doctor in Regina. For those of you who suggested my Dr's office do the footwork, it's a good idea, but not one that worked. Dr. Browns office had already sent out 3 referrals to the Doctors that he knew of in the city, and was rejected by them all. I did mention to all of the ones that turned me down personally that I could get a referral from my OB/GYN here, and the general response was a sort of "good for you, won't change a thing though." Luckily, the tenth, and last Obstatritian in Regina, was cheerfully happy to accept a referral from my doctor here and book an appointment for me in May. Yay! Unfortunately, it looks like this one is a Lady Doctor. I have no problem with women being doctors, and I will see a woman doctor if I must, but I really would rather see a male. I have no idea why, and I acknowledge that it's kinda odd, but that's just the way of it. By my 6th rejection, I realized that I couldn't be picky any longer and would have to suck it up though.

So, our house here in Edmonton is basically sold. Isn't that exciting? That means that we can go to Regina this weekend, look at houses, and actually comfortably make an offer. Then next week we will go to see the lawyer with our friends who are buying the house, arrange everything, talk to the bank, and....well....that's that. We will hopefully be in the Regina area by May 1st settling into our new home. It was iffy for a while because of the neighborhood that we live in though. The people buying from us want to rent, and very few rental management companies will handle houses in this area because the minute you put a place up for rent the Capital health authority comes in and does an inspection. It's not necessarily a bad thing, this neighborhood is rife with crack houses, cat houses and slum landlords. This house needs quite a bit of work, but I think that it can be done without breaking the bank (for some people, not us though) and it will pass any inspection with little effort.

I had my monthly ultrasound yesterday morning, and it went very well. The ultrasound was mostly performed by a student, and the actual tech was watching over her shoulder. My favourite quote from him was "This is how it would look if there were something abnormal (blah blah blah, insert random medical terms here) but this baby couldn't be more normal if it tried." That made me awfully happy. The baby is growing well, looking healthy, keeping busy kicking the crap out of my ribs, and my uterus is functioning within normal paramaters. The only small concern is that she is still breach, but she has about 5 weeks left to turn around into the right position before they start to get really concerned about things.

So, there it is. Lots of excitement around here, and I've even packed 6 boxes which we will bring to Regina this trip and store in my fathers basement. (by the way, if any of you in Edmonton have moving boxes cluttering up your space that you would be willing to donate, please let me know!). The cats and Mary still have no idea of the upheaval that is coming, I suspect Mary will deal with it much better than the boys though.


JSM said...

You get no sympathy from the "Lady Doctors." Mine would listen to me complain that I was exhausted and would sneer:
"It's not like you're a kid anymore.At your age, pregnancy is exhausting."
-Then I'd want to go cry.

And it was weird how much she looked like Jane Goodall. I'm serious, everytime she walked in the room I could hear the National Geographic television special theme music in my head...Ba Ba Ba Da Da! Ba Ba Ba Da Da...Dum! Dum! De Dum!

I have no idea why I'm sharing this (oh yeah, Lady Doctors). Anyway, congrats on the house.

greypanther said...

So I disagree when it comes to Lady Doctors. I have an awesome one and would not trade her for the world. She is very sympathetic and not about to try to shove pills down my throat unless it is a last alternative.

Oh and Jenn I have some banker boxes that I can give you if you want them. They are great for moving books and stuff. Plus I also have some plastic tubs that I can lend you for the move. I have about 7-10 tubs which you can fill with toys or clothes. I bought about 30-40 of them and only have about 10 empty since my move. So if you want to use them I'll bring to Ladies of Hack or have Hubby take them on Monday for you.