Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Trucking Along

Wow, has it been almost a week already? Where has the time gone?

Hmm. Well, in spite of my actual birthday being a bit of a bust, the rest of the week has turned out quite well. Friday Ian, Mary and I went to Chili's for supper. Mary was incredibly well behaved and the food was good enough. After that we went for a spin through Costco to pick up some more of Marys juice boxes, and then we headed over to Ravens place. By time we got to Ravens though, I was freaky exhausted. I had intended to stay for Ladies of Hack, but by 8:30 or so I was dozing on the couch. I had enough energy in me to either stay up for a little while longer, or socialize, but not both, so we went home.

Saturday was a good day. We went to a wake for a friend of ours who passed away on the Easter weekend to go to, so we dropped Mary off at Ians aunt and uncles. It was a very nice way to spend the afternoon remembering our friend, and it was surprisingly upbeat. I've never really attended a "wake" before and it was a new experience for me. After the wake Ian and I went out for supper to Moxies and had a wonderful adult time. We ate steak and lots of garlic, and I pretended that I was able to drink a nice glass of red wine. We picked Mary up after supper, headed home, and then I went off to a cocktail party.

The party was wonderful, though strangely difficult. I was given a cake, chocolates, flowers and a gift certificate to the spa, but the best part was just hanging out with a fantastic group of people. I suppose it's not so strange that I had a hard time with it all, considering that it was one of the last chances I will have to spend with them before leaving for Regina. On the drive home I kept thinking that I really shouldn't go out with them anymore, after hanging out with them the last thing I want to do is move away from Edmonton.

Speaking of moving, things are pretty much finished. The people buying the house have had their financing confirmed, all the conditions have been removed from the contract, so now all we have to do is wait for Land Titles to do their thing and switch everything over. The other day we got a call from the rental company in Regina, and we officially have an address out there for May 1st, the big move is planned for the 14th, though Mary and I are going to Regina on the 7th. My father is going to rent a u-haul for us and help Ian drive it home, but we'll have to start working on recruiting our friends for help emptying the house.

Holy crap! So, the TV just made a huge bang, like a gunshot, and the screen went black. I think that's a bad thing, eh? It smells kind of burny in here now, I looked and I can't find anything actually burning or smoking though, and I can't reach the plug in to unplug the stupid thing. Huh. One less thing to move, I guess. I have been telling Ian that I want a new TV for a while now. Mary is going to be awfully miserable when she realizes that we don't have a working TV in the house though, I'm not looking forward to dealing with that. Of course, without the TV distracting us, I bet Ian and I will get a whole lot more work done around here...

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Cori said...

I'm sorry, but not hanging out with us is simply not an option. You have been assimilated.

Also, you have much mischief and mayhem to cause (usually to my characters, dagnabbit) in the game time remaining.