Sunday, April 22, 2007


On Friday evening, in a fit of crutch envy, I decided to fling myself down the stairs. Unfortunately, I was unable to recreate Liz's glamorous ankle injury, and instead landed with all my considerable weight directly on the edge of a step, right on my tailbone. I sat there on the steps at Raven's house, fighting 1. the urge to vomit, 2. the urge to weep and 3. the urge to stop breathing (that's how I cope with pain you see...I just don't breathe). Instead I forced myself to smile at my concerned friends and claim that I was just fine (puff puff, remember to breathe) and I just needed a moment to collect myself. After a minute or two of sitting on the steps and thinking "in, out, in, out...breathe" I got up, managed not to shriek at the pain, and stumbled over to a chair. I was really hoping that the pain would get better, but unfortunately it did not. About 20 minutes later I could not sit without intense pain in my poor bum, and I was incapable of bending over to pick up the diaper bag from the floor. I phoned Ian at work and asked him to please come straight to Ravens place to help me get Mary into the van, I hurt myself and needed to go home. He came, gathered Mary and I up, and we set off home. I wept the whole way, every time I drove over a bump it felt like someone was driving a spike through my tailbone and into my spine. I spent pretty much all day yesterday laying on my side on the couch, unable to sit at all. I did have to get up once or twice to feed and change Mary, but she was remarkably well behaved and easy to care for. Today I am a little better, it still hurts like a son of a gun, but not quite as badly as yesterday. I am actually able to sit, so long as I lean forward and don't try to get comfortable. I still can't pick things up from the floor, pick Mary up, or put on my own socks, but hopefully by tomorrow that will resolve. If not, I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow anyways. I really hope this resolves soon, I only have 2 weeks left till Mary and I head off to Regina, and there's a lot of packing I need to do before we go.


jsm said...

You might want to pick up one of those foam rubber donut-shaped things to sit on. Around here they sell them in the pharmacy. It will help with sitting in a car.

Lulu said...


Janet at least smacked her head on a concrete wall whilst incurring her injury!

Go big or go home!