Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rhymes With Dirty

It's my birthday, and I am now officially thirty. All I've gotten so far is a headache, a terribly sore throat and a new, husky, possibly sexy voice to go with it. Blech. I am trying very hard not to expect anything, I'm a grown up, and grown ups don't generally need anything special for their birthdays...but I'll be awfully cheesed if I don't even get a card from my husband. Right now the only surprise I've gotten from him is the discovery that he didn't replace the toilet paper when I got up at 4 am to do my pregnant lady thing.

Hmm, looking at the computer monitor is making my head ache worse, so I think I'll stop for now. Bye bye!


JSM said...


I'm always either a day early or a day late. Yikes.

Happy Birthday again.

Liz said...

A very happy birthday, cutie.

Kristeen said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 33 on April 10th!