Monday, July 09, 2007

One Month

Can you believe it? It's been a whole month since Frances was born. It seems like yesterday, and it seems like she's been part of our family forever. It's amazing how much she's changed in the last month. She's gained over 2 pounds, she's much longer and bigger. She spends more time awake than she did when she first came home too. I don't mind it during the day, and when she isn't yelling at me, but she seems to have a scheduled alert time at around 4 am every day. Ugh. She is still a remarkably good baby, even though she does have her moments. She only wakes once or twice during the night, she's relatively cheerful and easy to look after. She had a hard time over the weekend when the weather was so ridiculously hot, but 38 degree heat will make even the best of us miserable. I know that people say that you shouldn't wish for your children to grow up because they do it so quickly, but I really can't wait till she is a bit older. I really quite dislike the newborn phase of life, and I'm looking forward to when Frances is a bit more interactive and fun to be around.

The mortgage issue finally resolved, and in our favour. We have a mortgage, although the intrest rate is absolutely ridiculous. We'll keep with this company for a few years, and eventually our credit will be better and Ian will be getting paid a bit more, and we can shop around again. I can't wait to get into our home, less than a month left till we get the keys! The month of August will be spend moving and fixing things up so that everything is close to perfect when we move in. Have I mentioned that I'm giddy with excitement about getting our house?

Mary is doing well. She really is a fantastic little creature, in spite of the occasional (regular) temper tantrums. She loves Frances deeply, and gets very concerned about her. She likes to help us burp her now, she pats the babys back very gently and shouts "I did it!" if Frances burps. She gives her kisses every night when she goes to bed, and loves to give her hugs. The only time she's really shown that she'd rather not have Frances around is when we leave my Dads place. She always says "Bye Grandpa, bye Grandma, bye Baby Frances!" but she never seems disappointed when Frances comes home with us instead of staying behind.


greypanther said...

Mary is so cute and I am glad she likes Frances. I am also glad you have a house again Yay! Have a good summer Jenn. Miss ya.

Lady Myke

Kristeen said...

I can relate about wanting them to grow out of the newborn phase: I realised the same thing with Brighid. I think I really like it once they can walk and talk and you can have somewhat intelligle conversations with them...

Emmett said...

I know when I play Sims 2 I can't wait for the newborn to become a toddler. As a newborn you never know what they want -- you just feed them and change their diaper and you only know there's something wrong when they start screaming. Otherwise they just lie there. Once they're a toddler you can do stuff like potty train them and have them move around and play and stuff.

And that's as far as I can relate. :)