Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Dominion Day

In Days of yore,
From Britain's shore
Wolfe the dauntless hero came
And planted firm Britannia's flag
On Canada's fair domain.
Here may it wave,
Our boast, our pride
And joined in love together,
The thistle, shamrock, rose entwined,
The Maple Leaf Forever.

The Maple Leaf
Our Emblem Dear,
The Maple Leaf Forever.
God save our Queen and heaven bless,
The Maple Leaf Forever.

At Queenston Heights and Lundy's Lane
Our brave fathers side by side
For freedom's home and loved ones dear,
Firmly stood and nobly died.
And so their rights which they maintained,
We swear to yeild them never.
Our watchword ever more shall be
The Maple Leaf Forever

The Maple Leaf
Our Emblem Dear,
The Maple Leaf Forever.
God save our Queen and heaven bless,
The Maple Leaf Forever.

Our fair Dominion now extends
From Cape Race to Nootka Sound
May peace forever be our lot
And plenty a store abound
And may those ties of love be ours
Which discord cannot sever
And flourish green for freedom's home
The Maple Leaf Forever

I've always thought that the Maple Leaf Forever was a much more stirring and patriotic song than Oh Canada which is kind of a sissy song if you ask me.

I keep thinking about what a wonderful country we live in, and what a beautiful and diverse country. I'm awfully proud to live here, and I count myself lucky that I have seen so much of this country. I've walked in the rain forest at Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I've touched a glacier in the rockies, I've been to the deserts around Osoyoos in the Okanogan valley. I've visited a town called Kyuquot that has no roads in or out, the residents all own boats instead of cars. And that's only one province! I have visited the flat prairie of southern Saskatchewan, and I've seen the beauty of northern Saskatchewan's lakes and forests. I've seen the red sands of PEI, and I've driven through the never ending rocks, trees and water of north western Ontario. One day I hope that I can visit the Territories and Newfoundland, I'd love to see ever bit of this country.

Anyways, in other news, things are going poorly here. We still haven't heard anything about a mortgage. We have a mortgage broker looking into some solutions for us, but we won't hear from him till Tuesday because of the long weekend. Our conditions on the sale of the house have to be removed by Wednesday, so things are pretty tight. If we can't get a mortgage, we are all going to be very unhappy people.

On top of the stress of the house stuff, I've managed to pick up a raging case of mastitis. Not pleasant. I've been feverish and achy, and my boob feels like someone has been using it as a punching bag. I finally gave in and went to the doctor yesterday and he gave me heck for not going in sooner. He mentioned that women used to die, die of mastitis. So now I am on heavy duty antibiotics, and I still feel icky. I was going to go to the park today with Ian and the girls, but I'm not sure I'm feeling quite up to the heat and the crowds.

Well, I'll end this post of with more lyrics of another song about how great Canada is. Hope everyone has a good long weekend!

I hate Newfoundland 'cause they talk so weird
And Prince Edward Island is too small
Nova Scotia's dumb 'cause its the name of a bank
New Brunswick doesn't have a good mall
Quebec is revolting and it makes me mad
Ontario sucks, Ontario sucks,

"Manitoba's population density is 1.9 people per square kilometer. Now isn't that stupid!?"

Saskatchewan is boring and the people are old
And as for the territories, they're too cold!

And the only really good thing about the province of British Columbia is that its right next to us!"

'Cause Alberta doesn't suck
But Calgary does


Sheila said...


What did I tell you? WOMEN DIE OF MASTISITS!!!! Not a thing to leave. Probably one of the only REALLY good reasons to RACE into the dr.s

If you get it again, which can happen, PLEASE go in sooner!

Paul has posted some pictures of the house on face book. They aren't very good pictures, but the kitchen hardware, window treatments and backsplash in the kitchen are not done. The renters took possession today and we'll go back fr an evening to do the last bits.

greypanther said...

Happy Canada's Day Jenn! I love the two poems. Okay one's a song and really funny. I didn't like Mastistis either and hope I don't get it this time but hopefully yours will clear up soon. Glad to her the girls are doing okay and I still wish you all the best with your house hunting.

JSM said...

Now I'm getting worried about ya too. Mastisits is no joke.

I hope you're getting some rest.

Anonymous said...

Yay Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie!

Boo Mastitis!

I really hope the mortgage thing turns out for you. We were in pretty much exactly the same situation, things getting complicated in the last days of our home buying process, and I have never felt so completely powerless as the events of the next 30 years of my life unfolded.