Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We had a relatively busy weekend. Friday we went into the city and spent all our money (quite literally) on this and that. That night we went to a Christmas party put on by Ian's work. We stayed at my dads place as he is in Hawaii, and got a sitter in. It was awfully nice to get out without the girls. The party was quite fancy. When we arrived there was a table full of corsages for the ladies. There was an open bar which Ian and I didn't really take advantage of, being old and boring as we are. There was a silent auction with the proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer society and a couple of raffles. The food was fantastic, and they had brought in a guy from Austin Texas who is billed as "The Worlds Worst Waiter," he was fabulous. They had a hypnotist who was good, but went on far too long. There was dancing after the hypnotist, but we left when he was done his thing, I was tired, and we knew the girls wouldn't let us sleep in.

Saturday we spent what little money we had left, and came home. Saturday afternoon we put up the Christmas tree, and Sunday we decorated it. Mary had a blast putting the ornaments on the tree, and she loves to cuddle with me on the couch and just look at the tree.

Monday was skating again, and Mary continued to be happy just standing on the ice, thank you very much.

Today we got the pictures that were taken by the photographer. They're stunning - take a look!


Raven said...

Oooooh! What excellent photos!
I love the one of the 2 girls in that old chest. Betcha that's one which will be handed down fondly over generations to come!

BTW, I miss you. I want to bake bread, and there's no one to hold my hand and help me do it. I may have to phone you for emotional support.

Dannypants said...

Tell my parents to stop being such cheapskates so I can have professional photos too!

Why is Mary running over the teddy bear with her trike? Does it hurt?

Mama says the girls look really adorable.

I'm going to run over blue bear with my trike so I can be like Mary! I don't have a feather boa though.

Hugs and kisses,