Friday, May 19, 2006

My Week

Monday: "Yay! Moustapha is going to be home by the end of this week! Yay!"

Tuesday: A very sad phone call from Puerto Rico, advising me that no, he will not be home this week, but he is trying his hardest to get home next week some time. I was annoyed, and unhappy.

Wednesday: Another sad phone call, assuring me that he is doing his best to ensure that he will be home on monday.

Thursday: An MSN conversation which started with Moustapha saying "You're totally going to have a cow." A word of advice, never, ever start a conversation with those words. It's a sure fire way to get me worked up before the bad news even arrives, and when the bad news does drop...well...just don't do it. Anyways. It turns out that he will be home Friday. That's TODAY!

Friday: Frantic procrastination. Wandering around the house looking at various messes and whimpering. More procrastination. Shuffling junk from one pile to another, and whimpering. Even more procrastination. His flight gets in tonight at midnight, so I have twelve hours. eep.


Goody said...

Yay! That's great news.

Here's my clean in a hurry tip;

Baby Wipes. You can clean the bathroom, countertops, even dust-mop the floor with those.

If all else fails, spray the litterbox with Shalimar.

I'm really happy for you.

Anne R. Key said...

Hey, wanna go shopping?

tomama said...

I hope it's a lovely reunion.