Thursday, May 11, 2006


I am so tired. I don't really have a point, so I imagine I'll just type out some rambling nonsense, and get back to my napless existence.

Have you heard of the Doodlebops? They are a children's "rock band"/tv show that Mary now watches every morning. Three grown adults dressed up, dancing and singing some very catchy tunes. Mary is so fascinated by them that she doesn't even dance to their songs, she just stares at the tv, absolutely hypnotized, for the entire 20 minutes that the show is on. Oh, and I can't get their songs out of my head.

So. They are replacing the sidewalks out front of my house. That's a very good thing, it's needed doing for a long time. The not so good thing is that they start working at 6:30 in the morning. Why, oh why, would you start noisily ripping up asphalt and driving your truck backwards so it beep beep beeps constantly in a residential neighbourhood at six in the bloody morning?

I still haven't found nap time. Hopefully it'll appear around noon today.

I do have things that are a wee bit more intelligent that I want to type about, but until naptime comes back, the only time I have to blog is the twenty minutes the Doodlebops are on.


Goody said...

"Doodlebop" sounds like a good name for an...uh..."adult toy."

"Honey, can you pick up some more batteries for "Mr. Doodlebops" on your way home?"

Goody said...

I've been informed there is something called "The Wiggles" which sounds worse;)

Happy Mother's Day.

Midnight Show x0 said...

Mary has very good taste. haha. Doodlebops are awesome ;)

-- Stephanie*