Sunday, May 28, 2006


Dear Internet, I am very sorry I have been such a lollyblogger lately. I've been busy, I'm sure you understand. Moustapha has been home, and we have been having fun playing with the baby and eachother.

The last week has absolutely flown by, we've barely had a quiet moment. Moustapha didn't get home till midnight on friday evening, and by time he made it through customs, it was after 1 AM. Mary had refused to sleep at all that night, and by time we got home she was pretty damned exhausted. She woke up early on Saturday though, at around 8. We kept busy through the week, visiting friends and doing other things.

Friday night was Purgatory, the long anticipated Saturnalia. The game was an absolute blast, lots was going on. My twisted character was up to all kinds of no good, and the night was extremely successful for my evil doings. After the game, we went out with the crowd, and I stayed out past midnight. I stayed out till 2AM! With adult friends! and beer! It was fun. Saturday morning came far too early.

Moustapha is still here, and we have no idea when he leaves for his next job in Washington State, but I suspect it will be tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. I'm sure they will give us a couple hours notice anyways.

So, that's where I've been. I'm sure I will be blogging with regularity again once my Sweet Baboo leaves. Wait for me!

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ninepounddictator said...

well I'm gald you still have some time to post! We've missed you! Well, I certianly have. Hope your time with him went well? Did it? i'm sure you'll share with us, right??