Saturday, January 13, 2007


Can someone out there explain to me why a 2 year old who has always been a good sleeper, sleeping through the night since she was 5 weeks old, would suddenly change? Is it because I'm sick and she hates me? Cause that's the only reason I can come up with. Thursday night she was up till 1 in the morning for no reason that I can imagine. Last night she went to bed at her usual time, slept very well, but woke up at midnight and stayed up in her bedroom till 4 am! What the hell? It doesn't help that due to her constant, never ending efforts, I have caught her cold. My throat feels like someone is constantly sandpapering it, my ears throb, my nose is plugged and my head aches...not to mention the rasping cough that takes over when I lay down in bed at night.

My Mum is in town this weekend and the plan is to spend the day hanging out with her today. She told me she would call this morning, and she hasn't yet, thank God. If she had called at 8 am then I would have burst into tears. At least I got about 4 hours of sleep last night. Maybe my mother can make me feel better, that's what mothers do, isn't it?


J.S. Magruder said...

A guess would be that Mary still has a residual cold and it is keeping her up, even if she appears better (at least that's how it works out around here).

Maybe run a humidifier in her room a couple of hours before bedtime to moisten the air a bit?

Hope you're all feeling better soon.

greypanther said...

Sometimes I find cahnges in routines can disrupt sleeping patterns and 2 yr olds like to experiment more with them. That happened to us and quite frankly it still does. Just keep putting her to bed at her normal routine hour(though I know when you are sick this may be hard) and eventually her sleep patterns should return to the usual. If not try to be patient and sleep as much as you can when she does or you will literally go crazy.

Hmm come to think on it though it could just be a conspiracy to keep mothers from actually getting sleep. My two have been doing that to me the last couple of weeks.

Good luck Jen

maidink said...

Hi, one of your lurkers here.

Two year olds are such a joy. They change on whims with no rhyme or reason. It's the age. I went through it with my daughter. It can be total Hell but keep in mind, it won't last forever.

Hang in there. Feel better.

James said...

"Because it's two."

Wait until the joy that comes when your child can reach light switches....

yeah. I feel your pain; Jasen has decided that naps are passe.


Mary said...

sometimes... when I'm sick or something like that, I implore my mom to come over and "change the channel and pat my head."

she finds this to be endearing rather than annoying which is good.

sometimes you just need someone else to change the channel and pat your head.

Fran said...

Hi there - I came across your blog while I was just looking around on blogger and as I was reading your profile I was amazed to see that you have all the same interests and what not as me... it's strange when things like that happen. Not to mention that although I'm from Ontario I have lived in Regina, Calgary and presently in a tiny town called Oxford in Nova Scotia. Anyhow, I just thought that it was interesting! :)