Thursday, January 25, 2007

The virus that wouldn't die

Well, Mary and I are sick again, or possibly still. We never seemed to fully recover from the cold we suffered through a couple of weeks ago, the noses never stopped running, the cough never completely left. Both the nose and the cough have come back with a vengance today though, poor Mary is a miserable little beast who begged to nap after being up for only 2 hours this morning. Hopefully this is the last gasp for the cold and we can get over it soon, we're both sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Last night I looked after Raven's wee ones (well, really I just fought with the biggest wee one about going to bed, poked my head into the two smaller wee ones rooms from time to time to make sure no one was bleeding, and watched House on DVD). Anyways, Raven wanted to see our new van, so I took her to check it out before her and her lovely husband went out for their date night. And you know what she pointed out to me? Built in car seats! Two of them! Not the type that a newborn can be transported in by any means, but perfect for Miss Mary. I cannot express how excited I was when she pointed them out to me. I had a thought when Ian bought the van that built in baby seats would be neat, but at the price we paid for the van I was pretty sure that there was no luck of it. I remember not too long ago saying that I would never drive a minivan, but motherhood has finally completely broken me. I love the van, I can't wait to fill it with soccer and dance paraphanalia and get a Venti something-or-other from Starbucks!

I'm thinking about weighing in on the whole family of three kicked off a flight because of their horrid three year old, but I think I'll stay away from it. Suffice it to say, I don't disagree with the airlines decision. I am bigger than Mary, and if I want her strapped in to a seat, she'll be strapped into a seat whether she likes it or not. I would be horrified if she behaved the way that child was reported to be behaving, and I would likely have removed myself from the plane before the airline had a chance to do it for me.


Lulu said...

I know you would, because we have seen you take Mary out of a public gathering when she acted up.

And yeah, kids crying on a plane should almost be expected: it's noisy, strange, there's uncomfortable pressure changes, etc. But these people were not in control of the kid.

And let's not forget that the airline refunded all three fares and offered them three roundtrip tickets to anywhere the airline flew. (They declined).

Jenn said...

You know, I have always believed (even before I became a parent) that when you have a child, you have certain responsibilities. It's not always fun, and sometimes you have to make sacrifices because of your child. That includes disciplining your child in ways that just aren't fun for you, whether that's not going to a fancy restaurant, leaving a party, or dealing with the consequences of your childs actions. It's all part and parcel with the decision that is made to bring a child into the world, I wouldn't give being a mother up for anything, but sometimes it's just not fun, nor is it easy.

Mary said...

heh... one of my coworkers came in today totally crabby and grouchy. I asked her why and she said that her 14 year old was grounded this weekend.... which basically meant that she was also grounded.

Trapped in the house to make sure he was being punished. Same thing. it's not fun... but it's gotta be done.

J.S. Magruder said...

What amazes me is that the parents have no shame whatsoever and have peddled their story to the media presenting themselves as somehow wronged.

If it happened to me, I'd want to find somewhere to hide.

P.S. Every time I use your word verification I get the first try incorrect. Do you think I might be part bot?