Wednesday, January 10, 2007

House of Germs

Once again the Dixon household is under quarantine. Sigh. It all started on Saturday when Ian woke up whimpering as only a sick man can, and called in to his second job to tell them he would not be in. It was actually quite nice to have him around, we got out of the house and ran an errand or two but otherwise had a nice quiet day. Sunday and Monday he was still feeling pretty under the weather, but thankfully (?) due to a big wind storm on Sunday night his boss called first thing monday morning and said it was too windy to work. Mary had a bit of the sniffles on monday and the occasional cough, but we really thought nothing of it. Monday night I went over to Raven's place to game, and suggested to Ian that he ought to do a load of dishes and go to bed early, to which he agreed. I got home at 12:30 in the morning, and my husband was still sitting exactly where he was when I left, playing the computer game Civ III. I was not terribly pleased, and he ended up calling in sick on Tuesday morning again. Tuesday morning when Mary woke up she was stuffed up, snotty, coughing and miserable. As the day went on she got worse and worse, the poor wee thing. She's still a little bag of germs, snot and misery today, which is really unfortunate for all of us.

Hey, how about that weather, eh? The blizzard that they were forcasting rolled in some time over night last night, and once again Ians boss called this morning to tell him not to bother to come to work. Today he went in to his second job to help out. I could have really used some help with the sick baby today, but whatever. The weather seems to have cleared up a bit now, it's still pretty windy I think, but not snowing anymore. It's funny, the weather has been so nice up till now, and my Mum is flying in from Vancouver tomorrow. She was complaining that it was cold there at -2 this morning, I wonder how she will deal with -25?

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