Saturday, September 22, 2007


My giant baby had a diaper blow-out of epic proportions yesterday. I'm not exaggerating when I say there was poo from her nipples to her ankles, and it was not pleasant to clean up. Mary's running commentary was one of the things that made it slightly more tolerable..."Oh yuck! Baby poopy! Lots of poop! Poop on baby's jammies, baby's yellow jammies. Mummy wiping poop now. Wiping baby's belly. Frances poopy Mummy!" She talked about the poo for hours, and would get right in my face till I responded. There was a time I was concerned that she wasn't talking enough, and while she still isn't as advanced speech wise as some peoples children (V and Goody come to mind) I have no concerns about that any more.

This morning at about 3:30 Mary woke up and came running sobbing into our bedroom. I pulled her up into bed beside me and she immediately snuggled up saying "I want Mummy's bed now." I was more than happy to let her snuggle between Ian and I, in spite of the pointy elbows, knees, fingers and feet that fidgit and jab while she cuddles. I drew the line at the grinding of teeth though. There are many things on the "things that annoy Jennifer" list, and grinding teeth is very close to the top.

I baked sugar cookies this morning and they turned out pretty good. I burned the first batch (still getting used to the fancy new oven) but subsequent batches turned out much better. My next project is going to be to take on Goody's graham cracker recipe. Store bought graham wafers are the only cookies Mary gets on a regular basis, and wouldn't it be great to make my own instead of buying them in boxes?

Oh, by the way Lady Myke, I would be happy to get any advice in regards to potty training you might have. In fact, I'll take anyones advice on the matter. I may not follow it, but I'll be happy to hear it. To be honest, I think the major obstacle in the whole thing is me, I just don't feel like I have the time to sit Mary on the potty every hour till she catches on when I have Frances demanding so much of my time and energy.

Anyways, here are a couple of pictures of Mary's room. It's all done now, the new furniture in place, the pictures on the wall. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. The pictures on her walls that you can see by the bed and dresser were actually my mothers, and they hung on the walls of her nursery when she was a baby almost 50 years ago. :)


Goody said...

I'm freaking out at present-I had those exact same pictures on my bedroom wall! I wish I were on speaking terms with my sister because I know she'd freak out too if she saw them.

It's funny, the things you forget completely until you see them and then it's like, holy crap.

I always liked the dark haired girl in the winter hat best-Judi liked the blonde.

That is just, just so utterly amazing that they manufactured so much of that stuff it is still lurking around in at least two countries.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

greypanther said...

My recommendation for the potty training was just going to be do not have her in diapers at all during the day. If she can still use them she is not going to be interested in using the potty. So take them away and be prepared for cleaning up messes. You can try to keep her to areas where there would less chance of pee satined carpets and such, but otherwise just let her roam free.

You can also wait on the night time training until she's mastered the day time stuff. So a diaper at bed time or even a pull up is ok. The other thing is once she's diaper free (too bad the weather's getting too cold or you could let her loose outside - what fun for the neighbours hehe) every time she goes to the bathroom successfully reward her with something. Sticker, cookie juice, etc...

The last thing is you may want to do is wait on the potty training until things have settled a little bit for you around your new house. After all its traumatic enough for you to move, have a new baby and then move again. Think how overwhelmed Mary might be (even if she doesn't show it). Set a time for yourself in the future (such after New Year's) that will be when Mary is to be potty trained. Tell her and involve her in it and it may be you both just need a break to relax and enjoy your new house for a bit:)

Lady Myke

I hope some of this might help. The first child is always the worst when it comes to potty training. Bear was horrible and it wasn't until he was almost 4 that he was potty trained. The second one will be easier - I promise.

Stephanie said...

Glad to see you are back online, I kept checking regularly but I know you were swamped. The room looks great, I hope wee Mary loves it.

Hope I get to see you when you are here!!

Hugs and Kisses.