Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rude people

I'm getting awfully tired of rude people. Today I went to the big Fabricland in Regina to buy everything I need for Mary's halloween costume. I had to drag Mary and Frances with me, so I had no hands, as one was holding the end of Mary's leash, and the other was holding on to the car seat containing my giant, extremely heavy baby. I got no assistance from the women who worked there, one even turned away from me when I started to ask for help finding what I needed. I was horrified and close to tears when I finally dragged everyone out of there. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now, it's the only fabric store in the city and I'm not going back, and Walmart doesn't have any fake fur. I guess I'll have to buy a costume ready made for her...or maybe I can look at the fabric stores in Edmonton this weekend and pick up what I need there.

We inherited a little fishbowl from my step-brother, D, last week. He accidentally dumped his fish down the drain while cleaning out the bowl, and was so devastated that he couldn't even imagine getting a new fish. While we were in the city today I picked up a couple of 39 cent goldfish to put in there, and Mary has already fallen in love. She calls the fish Nemo, and Nemo's Daddy. They are orange and white goldfish, and one is bigger than the other, so I suppose they do look like Nemo and his dad. Hopefully I won't kill them too quickly, although we are going away this weekend, and I have my doubts they will survive. I'm going to ask the little girl across the way to pop by from time to time to give them a little food, and hopefully that will keep them alive.

I had tea with my neighbours, Teenie and Floyd yesterday. They are a very nice, very old couple who have lived in Milestone for decades. They met when Floyd was sent to Edmonton with the air force during WW2 for training, fell in love and have been together ever since. They have 4 kids, 9 grandkids and a multitude of great-grandchildren. I wonder how many couples will have been together for as long as those two have in fifty years. Marriages don't seem to last like that any more, and it kind of makes me sad. Anyways, Mary had a wonderful time playing with toys that have seen more than 13 children over the last 50 years, and left calling Teenie Grandma. We have an open invitation to pop by any time for tea.

We also met a few more of our neighbours, and everyone seems very nice. The lady across the way is on the town council and involved in the towns dinner theatre. Apparently the town is quite well known for their dinner theatre, and they are always searching for new blood. She asked us if we curled (no, but I'd like to learn) or were interested in Drama at all, and was thrilled to hear that we were. While I doubt I will read for a part, I doubt I'm good enough, I would love to help out back stage or something. Anything to get me out of the house and involved in the community is good to me.

I took Mary to her preschool on Monday, and no one showed up. I assumed that the teacher had called in sick, and no one let me know because it was our first day and we aren't registered yet. I was pretty damned disappointed though, and so was Mary. We tried again today, and once again no one showed. So, we walked home and I called the lady in charge of the whole thing, and asked what was up. I honestly thought that I had read something wrong, or misheard, and was showing up at the wrong time. Well, it turns out that the teacher is currently being tested for West Nile, and preschool is postponed indefinitely. yikes. Anyways, they have our phone number now, so when things start up again they'll give us a call. Good thing Mary has the fish to distract her, I hyped up going to school so much that it's all she talked about till we got them.


greypanther said...

Okay, that was rude at the fabric store. No one should have to endure that. If you need material for the costume I happen to have black velour fabric that would honestly be easier to sew with than fake fur. Plus you can be generous with it since I have about three meters of it. Then all you would need is some black thread and maybe white flannel for the stripe. If your here this weekend stop by Raven's and my fabric emporium. We are guaranteed not to be rude and will do our best to make sure you go away with everything you need.

Lady Myke

Ain't old neighbours the best. Especially when they are the nice kind. I am glad to hear that is going well at least.

Raven said...

Our Fabricland here in Sherwood Park has fake fur, and I'm sure most of the stores in Edmonton have a good supply as well. Or, like Myke said, you can come hunt through our stashes, and we can probably set you up with some good stuff! (I bet I've even got the perfect white fur sitting in a box downstairs. The only question is, do I have enough of it?)

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday!

Goody said...

Ya know, we in the US have been working on the rude behaviour thing for a long, long while and we're not about to have our designation as North America's rudest people taken away by Canadians.

Get yer own bad habits, OK?

Anonymous said...

Astrin's Attic, 2811 13th Avenue, 525-0879 (Cathedral district)

James said...

Read for a part, read for a part!