Thursday, September 27, 2007

They're out to get me

Wow, I just had a serious paranoid/conspiracy theory moment. I was listening to the CBC news and they are running a story about some research that "proves" that women who drink even a glass of any type of alcohol a day are at higher risk for breast cancer. For just a moment I thought that I might have been transported to a dystopian world a la Handmaids Tale. It just seems fishy to me, you know? How long till we hear some research saying that women who work out of the home have a higher risk of breast cancer? Or women who drive cars have a higher risk of cancer....It would be easy enough to take advantage of our pathological fear of breast cancer, wouldn't it?

And then I came to my senses. That'll never happen, right?


Goody said...

Never. Now quit worrying your pretty little head and get in the kitchen and fix your husband dinner...

Shani said...

Did you know that blogging causes Breast Cancer?

Okay, running and ducking now!

Oh, you should also get ahold of me when you get into town and then we can go out and do stuff and stuff.

Goody said...

Lookie here, today's boobie story sez you can be spared the scourge of cancer if you pop out babies.

You might not have been too far off with the barefoot and pregnant conspiracy.