Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why I'm Starving

I'm famished right now, seriously. There are over a dozen big, beautiful, extremely tasty sugar cookies that I spent all day sunday baking up in my kitchen, but because they are worth 4 points (!) each, I can't eat them. Yes, I am counting points, I joined the cult called Weight Watchers. Last week I went to the doctor, mainly because my tailbone still hurts from my spill down the stairs back in April. The doctors advice was that I likely broke my tailbone, but there is nothing to be done, so I should get a cushion. I then mentioned the fact that I am fat, and she agreed. She said that there are drugs out there that she could prescribe, but they are very costly and don't really work. She weighed me, arranged for every type of blood test known to man, and told me to join Weight Watchers and come back to see her in two weeks. I really quite like her, and while the easy fix would be nice, if she had just written me a prescription and walked away, I don't know if I would have been happy. She seems genuinely concerned about me, and wants to help me loose the weight and be as healthy as possible.

After my first WW meeting yesterday, I hit WalMart before getting on the highway to come home. I needed to pick up some oil so Ian can muck around with the van, and I needed formula for the not-so-wee baby. As I was loading cases of formula into the cart, a real granola muncher wandered by with her baby, and came to a dead stop when she saw me. She proceeded to stand there as I grabbed the formula, shaking her head and clucking her tongue disapprovingly, all the while frowning angrily in my direction. At first I thought it was something else, after all, people can't seriously be that rude, right? But then, as I was walking past, she actually leaned forward to her baby, safely ensconced in it's incredibly expensive Eddie Bauer car seat, and stage whispered something about people feeding their babies poison, and only irresponsible mothers would consider not breast feeding. I was so stunned and angry, I was at a loss for words, and I just kept walking. I bumped into her in the craft aisle and she just sighed, looked into my cart again, and shook her head sadly. It took all my will power not to punch her in the nose. Which is why I am going to fail at this weight watchers thing, I've got no willpower left.

Anyways, while in the craft section at WalMart I picked up a pattern for a halloween costume. I bought a new sewing machine a few weeks, and I'm just itching to use it, so...we'll see how it goes. I'm not an experienced sewer, and this pattern seems a little tough, but I'm determined to try it out. Hopefully I won't end up having to take Mary out without a costume because I didn't get this one done. Here's a picture of the costume, I found a site where you can purchase the costumes for only $70 (no thanks).


greypanther said...

If your going to sew that is awesome. Just remember that if you are having trouble Raven and I will be willing to help in whatever way we can. Also I know some cheater stitches that might help if your having difficulty. Just don't get bogged down if it doesn't come out the way you wanted. Oh and if you really want try a simple t-tunic before the actual costume. That way you'll still have a costume for Mary and get a chance to try out the machine.


Lady Myke

Goody said...

If you're so fat then you already have a nice cushion for yer tailbone (sorry, couldn't resist).

God, people are so friggin' rude. Besides, she can't be that "crunchy" if she's shopping at Wal Mart.

I'll share my one and only diet tip (outside of eat whatever you want in small quantities):

When you're dying for a sweet, take one of those pre-packaged ice cream cones (not a waffle cone, mind you) fill it with a teaspoon of preserves, and non-fat frozen cool whip. You're looking at about 40 calories and though it takes a bit of imagination, you can call it a "treat."

Good luck with the diet.

Cori said...

On WW, you end up with a few days of hunger, and then it goes back to normal. It gets better soon, I swear.