Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Goodnight Sweetheart

I've created a problem. A serious problem. I don't know how to fix it. A while back I started unlocking Mary's bedroom door before going to bed myself (yes, I lock my child in her room at night. I am a bad bad mother). She would wake up every morning between 6 and 7 and wander over to our room, climb into bed and snuggle with me for an hour or so before we got up. It's nice when she does that, I like it. Then last week she woke up in the middle of the night and came sobbing to our room. So, I pulled her into bed to sleep with us. Every night since that night she has come to our bed at some point in the middle of the night. I don't generally mind, but it's getting a little out of control. Last night at about 3 am she came to our bed, but instead of going back to sleep she lay there between Ian and I, kicking and flailing and occasionally exclaiming "Ah! Aaaaahhhhh!" or perhaps "Mummy. Mummy sleeping. Night Mummy! Cookies please?" After about an hour of this behaviour I had enough and brought her back to her bed. She flipped. After about an hour of coaxing and singing her songs at 5 AM she finally went to sleep and stayed in her own bed till we got up for the day. Today she is exhausted and I am exhausted, and I'm dreading having to break the habit that I have inadvertently encouraged.

I called the eye doctors office to make an appointment for Ian and I, and we have to wait over a month! I was some annoyed. I told the girl after the appointments were made that I was having some problems with my eyes, and when she found out that I have a black spot in my vision, she bumped me up to next week. I would say sweet, but by her reaction I think that my eye spots may be more than just a little annoying. Sigh. The last thing I need is to have a serious problem with my eyes. There's enough on my plate to keep me miserable without that.

We voted in the provincial election today. When I went in the woman who took my name was very excited to meet me. She welcomed me to Milestone, told me that she understands how hard it is to move to a small town and actually meet people, and gave me several phone numbers of people to call about the mom and tots group as well as skating classes for Mary. I'm off to call them right away. Wish me luck! I may just make a friend in this stupid province yet!


Goody said...

Do you remember the "floater" I had a while back that made me see black spots in my field of vision? At the time the doctor said I'd get used to it, and I was like, "yeah, sure" but now, over a year later I hardly notice it anymore. It's like my brain really did accept it and then forget about it. Weird. Hopefully yours is just a floater as well. You just reminded me I have an appointment Saturday. Yikes.

About the bed thing-try a gate (or two, stacked atop each other if Mary's a climber). It feels less confined than a locked door and will stop the wandering bit. Once she is toilet trained though, you're going to need to let her wander unless you want to get up every couple of hours.

Sooner or later she'll go back to her room. Maybe splurge for some new bed-only toy, or blanket that she can only have in her room.You know, bribery.

greypanther said...

I hope you do find someone to be friends with in Sask. Even if it was just the nice lady at the elections office.

As for the getting out of bed at night just be firm and consistent and I would also even tell her that if doesn't stay in her bed you'll lock her in til you get up in the morning. Or just put her back to bed and if she won't stay tell her you'll lock her door again and then go back to bed. She won't like it but you'll be back in charge in no time! Just stay firm and tell her why.

Sometimes kids need extra cuddles but if she's interfering with your sleep you need to deal with it quickly!

Good Luck

Lady Myke

James said...

Good luck with Saskafriends!

We are also evil child-in-room-locking parents.

Kalen was, for a while, a crawl-into-bed toddler, and while it was painful to break the habit, it did get broken. Evil technique #1: teach your child how to turn on the TV.