Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm a Superstar!

Did I mention that I read for a part in the local theatre company Monday evening? Well, I did, and today I got a call from the director. They offered me the part of Carol, the eldest of four girls, recovering alcoholic, Chartered accountant, bitter spinster. It's funny, of all the characters in the play I liked Carol the least, and I wasn't able to identify with her in the slightest. Ah well, I guess a challenge is a good thing, right? We have another meeting tonight and I'll be getting the full script. The play runs the first two weeks in April, with a competition in North Battleford happening the week after Easter. I'm still a little shocked that I got a part at all, let alone a relatively major parts (not that there are many minor parts in a play with only 8 characters in total).

Okay, Frances is howling, she's probably flipped over onto her belly again. She works so hard to get there, and then is filled with rage when she succeeds. She hates being on her belly.


Stephanie said...

Woohoo, you RAWK!!!

Congrats on getting the part, I know you do a fabulous job!

Take care.

oh... I just read your "fluff" post as well...and now I am hungry for sugary gooeyness.


Rico said...

You'll have to tell me about the part on Friday and I promise to try your fluff:) Sounds interesting.

See you soon

mary said...

hee hee.
Rob's going to 'try your fluff'

Congrats on the part baby!

Emmett said...


Now this is the way to get out there and make some friends. And to think, your live roleplaying experience will actually do you some good. :)

Goody said...

That's great! I'm so happy for you.

Anonymous said...

Break a leg baby!

Anonymous said...

oops, Veronica is the name on my other blog, for a game, it's me, Shani

Raven said...

Woohoo! Congrats on your 'challenging' role. I figure someone who can pretend to be Undead can act as just about anything if they put their mind to it. Have fun, and I hope you make new friends*!

- Raven

*but not such awesome friends that you forget us, or decide to stay in saskatchewan, kay?

James said...


Lulu said...

Hey, good for you! I spent many years of my misspent youth in the theatre and even considered it as a career for awhile (the technical apsect, though, not acting). I'm sure you will have a really good time, and it's such an excellent way to meet people. And once you've done one show, it's easier to get into other casts or crews, if it's something you want to pursue.

Trust your director--unless he's a total wanker, he saw something in your audition that makes him think you'd be able to connect to Carole, even if you don't now.