Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The reason I am so fat

This is what I do with my life:

Brioche. It isn't lovely, kinda looks like malformed breasts, but boy does it taste good! With four eggs, lots of milk and sugar, it's rich and heavenly. I suspect it would have looked better had I not forgotten the egg wash before putting it in the stove.

Six "mini" cornbread loaves. Yeah, they're small, but not what I would call mini by any means. Again, they taste heavenly, especially fresh out of the oven.

Sugar cookies I made in honour of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Oh, they're good, and addictive.

My nicest looking loaf of bread yet. Dijon Honey bread with thyme and oregano. It is fantastic for ham sandwiches I've been told. Ian liked it, but it's not my favourite.

So, there you have it. Today I can't really get out. With the temperature at -20 plus 60 km/hour winds, well, it's damn cold out. Too cold for the girls, and too cold for me. I went out this morning to feed the birds and after 2 minutes my fingers were too frozen to open the door when I wanted to come back in. I remember now why I left Saskatchewan.


Stephanie said...

They're not baked goods...they're baked BADS!! (to quote the Tick)

aahh...You keep taunting me with your tasty looking baking, you're killing me!!Are you guys coming back here for Christmas?? 'cause you could bring some baked goods with you...you know, to save you from eating them... I'm just thinking of you, of course. :)

Sorry to hear the weather is so sucky out there. I have had frozen toes since I got out of bed this morning. It's not quite as cold here but ~brrrrr~, I hates it!

just wanted to send you hugs and all that.

Raven said...

"My nicest looking loaf of bread yet. Dijon Honey bread with thyme and oregano."

Ooooh... can I come to your place for lunch?

Just... um... gotta convince James to look after the kids for a couple days. He won't mind, will he?
Oh wait. He has a job. Drat.

Okay, then I'll just second Stephanie's suggestion for you to come back here, and allow us to save you from your baked goods.

Goody said...

They passed a law down here that we can only bake brioche in loaves because the rolls cause unchaste thoughts.

And because "brioche" sounds too French, we have to call it "Freedom Bread."

That honey dijon bread looks beautiful (and chaste!)