Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Marshmallow Creme

So, this recipe for one of the many homemade Christmas gifts that I am making called for something called marshmallow creme. I couldn't find it anywhere, and I have no clue what it is, so I looked it up on line and learned that it is something almost exclusively American. So, I did what any determined gift maker would do and I found a recipe on how to make it myself. Do you know what is in marshmallow creme? I do, it's sugar in several forms, a few egg whites and a dash of vanilla. Anyways, the recipe I found made way more of the stuff than I needed. I now have a litre of marshmallow creme languishing in my fridge. Anyone have ideas of what I could do with the stuff?


Goody said...

When I lived in Massachusetts, I had to communte right past the Marshmallow Fluff factory in Lynn. You could really smell it lingering in the air as you drove by.

I've personally never indulged, but I'm told that it is quite good on a sandwich with peanut butter. I believe this is called a "Fluffernutter."

Down here it is available in flavours, and my husband once bought me a jar of bright pink Fluff as a joke, but we never did get around to opening and eating it. I may well be the only American alive that's never eaten the stuff.

BTW-your cards arrived yesterday, thank you so much for thinking of us. Danny grabbed his, tore it open and then ran off with the card to his room to wave to Canada.

Jenn said...

When Ian got home from work and looked in the fridge, he got all excited. "What's in that jar?? It looks like Fluff! Did you make fluff! I love that stuff!"

Who knew. I still can't bring myself to imagine eating that stuff on toast without gagging.

Emmett said...

Hmm. Does this make you a fluffer?

James said...

Is it bad that my first instinct is "projectile"?

Lulu said...

I have several suggestions, but they're all sexual in nature.