Saturday, April 01, 2006


Well, the first Purgatory game was last night, and wow. It was incredibly fantastic, the costumes were all wonderful, and I am eagerly awaiting the next one already.

Another Jenn, over at breed 'em and weep has a discussion going about dream cheating (sleeping with someone other than your chosen mate in your dreams) and how although it is not against the rules, she just can't do it. I, apparently, can. Last night, I dreamed of the game, naturally, but at one point, my dream became incredibly...ah...graphic, and centred on the husband of a friend of mine. Yikes! Not only am I sleeping around in my dreams, but I'm a dreaming homewrecker too! I hardly even know the fellow in question, which makes me even more of a hussy, doesn't it? Thank goodness I'm going to be seeing Moustapha in a few days, apparently I need it.

Today I have a great deal of cleaning around the house to get done, as well as a litter box change. I really need to start getting organized for my trip. Unfortunately I completely forgot to ask Raven to borrow a suitcase while I was over there, so I'll need to track one down. I suspect V and I have one that I can borrow, don't really know what I would do without those people.


Shani said...

Y'know, I haven't had that many about me cheating, but I do have dreams occasionally when E-Hunnie does, and then I wake up and get very irate with him. I snipe at him for a few hours, get all growly and wait for him to apologize.

I think I have actually made him apologize too... hmmm.. crazy.

Jenn said...

Crazy, possibly. But I can recall several times that Moustapha has done something in my dreams to piss me right off (like the time when I was pregnant and he threw my baby in the garbage), and I havent spoken to him for hours because of it.