Friday, April 21, 2006

Lets all hope not...

Yay! I'm home! Well, not really. I'm in Regina, but I am back in Canada. I will be driving back to Edmonton tomorrow, with a short stop in Toon Town to visit some friends.

My trip home was interesting. After bidding a tearfull farewell to my sweet baboo, I made my way through security at the San Jaun airport, where they made me walk through this machine that puffed at me (anyone know what on earth that is? cause I don't). When I was boarding the plane, in the little tunnel thingy that you take to get on the plane, there were four men in uniforms with guns (yikes). One of them asked me what nationality I was, and when I said Canadian he said "Oh Canada, let's hope that it becomes the 51st state of the Union real soon!" If he hadn't had a big gun and the power to throw me into a scary American detention centre, I would have totally gone off on him. As it was, I could feel myself turn a brilliant shade of red. It must have been obvious that I was livid, because one of the other guys actually apologized to me. You know, I know a lot of Americans and for the most part, I like them. There were friendly people from the US (I don't consider Puerto Ricans Americans, and I don't think many of them do either) where we were staying, and I know a few from my journeys online. Unfortunately, there are loudmouths like that guy in positions where they come in contact with a whole lot of foreigners, and they give every single american a bad name. Sigh.

I was so happy to see Mary when I got here. She was fast asleep in her crib when I got here, and I didn't wake her up, but I did touch her head, and stare at her with tears in my eyes for a long time. I really feel quite guilty that I had so much fun without her while I was away. This morning when she woke up she played quietly in her crib for a while, and I lay there and watched her for a while. When I got out of bed, she stared in amazement at me, and when I picked her up, she clung to me like a little monkey saying "Mum! Mum! Mumumumum!" It made me cry a little. Next time I go away, she's coming with me.


Stephanie said...

Reading your post made me cry. It happens the same way with me if I go somewhere without my kids, or they go away somewhere without me. I know how it goes.

Goody said...

Really, let's hope not-I need somewhere to flee to,

Puerto Rico is a US "teritory" which translated means;
we get to use their island for bombing excercises,and they pay taxes, but we don't let them vote.

Once again (and jeez, this is happening A LOT), let me apologise for my fellow AmeriKKKans. We're so good at the asshole/bully thing sometimes we just get carried away.

Anne R. Key said...

There's a few rotten apples on every tree, girlfriend. In Canada, we have shitheads galore, let me tell you. It's all about individuals, I've decided, not nationalities or types.

Goody said...

I hear the Canadian shitheads are really polite ;)

Anne R. Key said...

Thank you!