Monday, April 10, 2006

Sun and Sand


Just wanted to pop in and say hello again. It was a wonderful weekend, and we kept extremely busy. On Saturday Moustapha and I drove all the way around the island, which was an adventure and a half. The roads are crazy here, and people drive like maniacs. We went up into the mountains, and the roads there are narrow and incredibly curvy. Sunday we went for a walk in the rainforest, dipped our feet in a mountain waterfall, and went to the beach (where Moustapha unfortunately forgot to take the keys to the appartement out of his pocket...they were washed to sea). I managed to get a bit of a sunburn. Today Moustapha is back to work, so it's just me.

As for the concern about beach sex...I agree with Goody, and I have no desire for sand up my patchikaka. So no beach sex for us. Did I mention that our balcony looks out over the beach and ocean, and is incredibly private?

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Anne R. Key said...

I've had Balcony Patchikaka! It was in Clairview, too, but it was no big deal because everyone does it, it's like a recreational sport in that part of town. Only they fight, break beer bottles and stab each other afterwards, so the cops get called.

We were much more discreet.