Friday, April 07, 2006

Greetings from San Juan


Just thought I would drop you all a line to let you know that I made it in to Puerto Rico alive. Though, by time I got here my scratchy throat had turned into a full blown sinus cold. ugh.

Puerto Rico is busy, and crazy, and no one speaks english. They drive like maniacs, and Ian and I nearly got hit by several cars trying to cross the street to get to this internet cafe. He is staying in a three bedroom appartament, which i can only describe as part of a compound. There is a swimming pool, a lovely park with picnic tables and bbq pits, and a beautiful beach. The balcony looks over the ocean, and it's a stunning view.

Anyways, my time here is limited, so I should sign off. Talk to you soon!


Simon said...

Hey Jenn, you shouldn't call him Ian. Now that you're in Puerto Rico is the best time to call him Moustafa!

Anne R. Key said...

Who gives a shit about the apartment complex or the traffic--are you fucking like rabid weasels yet or not?

Goody said...

Beach sex is so overrated (you get too much sand up your____)

Hmm, did you say the apartment had a pool?

Anne R. Key said...

That sounds like the voice of experience, girlfriend...;-)

tomama said...

Enjoy the sun!