Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Slowly but surely Mary and I are falling back into our old routines. Her temper seems to have developed in leaps and bounds since I left, which is a wee bit stressful for me, but other than that, it's been pretty easy to get back into the swing of things.

As for the temper, well, wow. Mary screams and cries in rage at the drop of a hat, at just about everything. She screams if she wants up, she screams if she wants down, she screams if she steps on something, she screams if she wants something, she screams if she doesnt want something. She screams if I look at her, she screams if I dont. She especially screams at pinecones, she hates them with a hot hot heat (I think she may have been reading about Declan over at Simian Farmer). Anyways, all the rage is starting to get a little old.

What else? Well, the Purgatory game is this friday, though I'm not sure that I'll make it. I've not been able to arrange for a sitter for the crab apple, and to be honest, I'm not sure that I would feel good about inflicting anyone else to the fury. Tonight is D&D, and I'm quite excited about it. I've been in withdrawl, as I havn't played in a couple of weeks now. I'm looking forward to getting acquainted with my new character, a halfling bard named Dewberry Tealeaf. She's quite a change from my wild Scots (well, the equivilant of Scottish anyways) barbarian who could hack her way through an army of Orcs without breaking a sweat. Gosh, sometimes I'm a geek, aren't I?


Simon said...

A total geek, yuh.

But the thought of a Scots/Barbarian/Chick is sort of sexy too.

Anne R. Key said...

Maybe Mary is having her period...

tomama said...

Screaming at pinecones. A perfect way to describe the tantrum. Toddlers are such weird people.

Goody said...

My spouse has for years engaged in pretending to fear pinecones, and when he spots one begins screaming;
"Pinecone! Get it away from me! Pinecone! Help!"

They can be pretty scary when they start cracking open on the first warm, sunny day.

Of course, I married a weirdo. Mary's just being a kid, and will grow out of it.

Emmett said...

I remember the twin kids of a friend of mind went through that tantrum stage, too. She broke them pretty quickly of it, though. As soon as they started it, she would just ignore them completely. If they got out of hand, she put them into bed.

Of course, *that* would make them rage even more. But you'd be surprised how quickly kids get out of that habit when they realize that the tantrum doesn't get results.

Anne R. Key said...

Unless they're Leon,but he's a special case. Mary is nothing like him.

My brother used to drop to all fours and pound his forehead into the floor. Once he did it so he needed stitches. he was a stubborn little bastard, but he did eventually grow out of it.