Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Andy Panda

My baby brother. He's turning 26 in two months, so I guess he's not such a baby anymore. He's also done very well for himself in Vancouver, and he's an excellent person to go to if you have a question about wine. In fact, if you're ever in "The Big Smoke" drop by Marquis Wine Cellars and say hello to him.


I decided to post this instead of commenting on the DRAMA! that is going on in our little social circle. Emmett and Anne R. Key are far more involved than I, but the whole thing makes me shake my head. That is all.

So, on Friday before Purgatory Mary and I ran to Safeway. I had comitted to making up some fake blood for the game, and needed supplies. My list was Cocoa powder, Grenadine, Corn Syrup and red and green food colouring. While paying, the girl at the till, being a friendly girl and wanting to make conversation, said "So, what are you making? Looks like it'll be something good!" I could feel myself turn bright red, and I muttered something about baking brownies before scuttling out of the store. I suppose I could have told her that I was making a few litres of fake blood, but I'm not sure that'd go over too well. Posted by Picasa


Anne R. Key said...

Hey, does he live on that bench?

I heard it was expensive in Vancouver, but sheesh!

Rodicon said...

No, no... only if you get the hot plate to go with it.