Thursday, August 17, 2006

Good News

Well, it's only a step away from being officially official. Moustapha has accepted a job working in Alberta. He has been working with this company all week now, and found out yesterday how much they are willing to pay him. It's not quite as much as we had hoped, but it isn't bad, and it is much closer to home. In fact, he should be home pretty much every evening and weekend. Isn't that fabulous? It's certainly worth a dollar pay cut to start, in my mind. The last step is informing his other employers that he won't be traipsing all over the world with them anymore. It's going to be hard, not only because it's always an uncomfortable thing to quit a job, but because he is working all day it is hard to actually get ahold of the boss to let him know. I'm confident it'll all work out though.


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